Monday, May 4, 2015

Baby got Beck

Before we get too deep into life with a new baby aka normalus interruptus I wanted to get a few pictures of all the tininess that is Beck.

Here...hold the baby for a second.

Do you think I missed my calling as a newborn photographer?

Beck be like, "Take me back to the uterus. Now."

Stats for this little turkey:

Weight: 5 pounds 13 ounces (he was 4 lbs 8 ounce when he was born)
Height: 18.75 in (18in when he was born)
Drinking: Anywhere from 2 1/2 - 3 ounces per feeding every 3 hours

Beck is six weeks old and he's been home, sleeping the days and nights away in our fancy closet for three weeks. (Our musical bed situation is for another post...)  I know it's all in my doting mother head but he seems to have the sweetest disposition. Unless he's hungry - which is often. But those few minutes a day that he's awake and content and wrestling with the air...he seems like he'll be a nice little boy.

And possibly our most well adjusted child. Beck sleeps a lot day and night except when we wake him to eat. I don't want to type, "he's a dream sleeper" because that is the kiss of death for peaceful sleeping children but he's an incredible sleeper and I know it's temporary, but God bless a peaceful baby. And he sleeps most of the time in his crib, our first newborn child to do that. Maybe it's because we've learned a few tricks or maybe we shouldn't give ourselves too much credit.

One of Beckett's most adorable tiny talents is when he tries to lift his head during tummy time. The harder he tries to lift his head the higher his little legs go up. I need to get it on video but it's something like THIS. And the higher he tries to lift his head the higher my squeaky mom voice goes to sing his praises...which doesn't qualify as adorable or a talent.

Two more small newborn things that I don't want to forget, Beckett's signature expression is a furrowed brow. You can see it HERE when he was back in the NICU and in the past six weeks he hasn't outgrown it and it's my personal fave. And! Last one I promise...his signature weird newborn quirk is during his baths he loves to pretend to be a starfish and freakout until he manages to pee on his face, then he calms right down for the remainder of the bath session. Hopefully he outgrows that one sooner rather than later...

Beck you're a keeper. :)

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Friday, May 1, 2015

A progress report: 3 weeks in

Greetings from the land of many many revelations...

"Nope! Still can't feed the baby and change a toddler bomb at the same time."

"Four hours of prep work will get us out the door one hour after our desired exit time." 

"I should feel some small twinge of guilt over the kids requested breakfast o goldfish crackers, apple sauce, and Lucky Charms (no milk) but... none...nothing." 

and, "why yes I am standing outside on the front porch in my penguin pajamas hissing at the big boys (one not wearing pants of any variety) to stop bringing rocks inside so they can become part of the royal rock collection and oh...look. There walks our neighbor and her dog stroller...staring"

Greetings indeed.

Smize Beck, smize.

So postpartum living...

Lots of highs.

Lots of lows.

Around these parts, postpartum life involves rejoicing over the mighty victories of a made bed, my shower hastily completed by me and me alone,  and minimal crying (adult, boys and infant).  Bonus points are awarded for makeup applications (priorities), kids dressed in new clothing, laundry done, and any ventures outside the house.

We have managed to get ourselves dressed and looking almost presentable enough to go out into civilized society multiple days in a row because I am not a hermit-introvert-homebody and there are only so many millions of consecutive days of cabin fever I can handle. This social butterfly needs to fly.

To Target. For exactly two things. Dish soap and hand soap.

Our adventurous spirits know no bounds.

Everyone was relatively well behaved and as we were walking out (and followed by a car driven by an idiot to our parking spot in a relatively empty parking lot where said idiot waited and waited and waited and waited as I loaded and buckled every Miller child into their car/booster seats...hopefully the wait was worth it, bizarro) Rhett noted that, "everyone was SO good...I didn't cry and Rad didn't cry and Beck didn't cry and EVEN YOU MOM didn't cry!!!"

The new Cinderella movie's famous line...have courage and be kind? Exactly what I was thinking on our first trip out of the house. And also...I could really use a fairy godmother right now. 

And since the Target trip merited a B+ we ventured out a little farther. 

To a few parks...

 ^^^ You see this? Right after I snapped this masterpiece the world's biggest drama toddler fell off the slide and landed on his head. Surprisingly! he popped right up and Rhett gave his professional medical prognosis  "It's okay, he just fell a wittle bit."

And then we went to see...


And the tiniest baby turtle that ever swam in a man made pond.

I'd heard that there were baby ducks at a local park and thought we could have a quasi little "welcome to spring/summer" ceremony and throw carbs at them. I honestly thought the kids would enjoy that but what I was not prepared for was hysteria the size of the Oscars...

Rhett: charged the fluffy floaters yelling "DUCKS!! DUCKS! DUCKS!"

Rad: Prancing behind Rhett yelling "GOOSE!"

Beck: Was like, "What the duck is going on?"

I don't know what it is about feeding ducklings that turns parents into phone camera wielding crazies wanting to get! a! million! photos! of! the! DUCKS!!!!!!!


And we've even braved Costco a few times. 

Game face on...we're coming for you big guy.

^^^PS there was another adult with us, my friend Tyrell...

Fist bumps, fist pumps, and all.

It was a mostly uneventful trip except for the mom that came over to tell me in a LOUD (close - toooooo close, sistermom) whisper lest the elderly couple 9 yards down would hear that, "they're giving out diaper samples - they might even give you two if you ask nicely" and then Beck went into a weird formula comatose state...

^^^The hight of the glamour of motherhood right there. 

I told you...glamorous. 

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Thursday, April 23, 2015

spirit fingers for Jake

I think Jake might be a future saint. The Saint of Fathers Who Have Crazy Wives and Posterity That Growls At Strangers.

Can you tell my knowledge of saints is negligible?

I promise to keep the public proclamations of cheese and gush to a minimum but after the past five weeks (really the past 6 years) I wanted to give a much deserved post dedication to Jake.

He deserves to be recognized for his great husband and father skills.  I wish I could say that it is not common for me to say something along these pleasant lines,

but sometimes I do and Jake just laughs and obliges because he is the best and I am the worst.

Here's the think about Jake...Jake takes care of everyone but no one really takes care of Jake. He is always there to make the sacrifice, go the extra mile, shoulder the burden and does it all with a smile and a little dose of loving sarcasm.

With Beck's arrival and my emotional state being a little wonky (round three of depression and anxiety...ready fight!) Jake has taken everything in stride and with his characteristic optimism.

In my most anxious, crazy-cake moments he is patient. He doesn't try to fix me. He just lets me cry all the tears. So many tears sometimes. Poor man. And he never gets annoyed when I ask him repeatedly to tell me everything is going to be OK.

As super dad he keeps the playground visits going, Costco braving, Julia "everything is fine" assuring, and house cleaning happening. When I was in the hospital I was positive he would need an occasional translator for Rad's multiple monosyllabic grunts that mean something specific and important and urgent but Jake did it all, no complaining.

When I put the kids to bed it is a big fat harried race to the finish but when Jake does it he takes the time to do it right. He lets the boys splash in the bath for as long as they want, reads them a book or books of their choosing, and he changes them out of their clothes and puts them into actual pajamas.

The boys love that he actually plays toys with them (not my best activity) and has incredible patience with teaching them baseball. He is also the gourmet chef of the family and because I am a picky eater he often caters to my cravings.

Jake loves his sleep more than anyone I've ever met, but never ever audibly grumbles about getting up with the kids in the middle of the night...even in the truly ugly and dark hours of the early morning. He often lets me sleep in and takes the boys down stairs to start the morning routine. He doesn't complain about the hours that he works to provide for the family nor does he complain about the fact that I complain about the hours that he works to provide for the family.

I think I've written before about how blown away I was by how nice Jake was when we first met and continues to be today. He is a genuinely kind guy and I can only hope that the boys inherit or at least emulate their father's nature.

We're very lucky to have him. :)

(Understatement of the year.)

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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Rhett chats

Overheard from the playroom:

Rad: Rhett! Rhett! Rhett! RHETT! Rhett! Rhett!
Rhett: (Deep sigh)
Rad: RHETT! Rhett! Rhett! RHETT!
Rhett: Congratulations Rad. You know my name.

Prepping to fill the mighty role of preschool snack helper:

Julia: Rhett, what do you want to take for snack helper tomorrow?
Rhett: Well....
Rhett: Messy chips (Doritos)
Julia: Ok
Rhett: And...! CHICKEN WINGS!

Despite my 99 requests that he please, "stay close to me!" at the grocery store Rhett snuck to the paper towel aisle and gave me a 1.5 minute heart attack before I found him:

Rhett: No, there YOU are!
Rhett: I told you, "stay close to me, Mom!!"

Leaving a park playdate:

Rhett: When you live in the desert sometimes you just gotta drink your spit.
Rhett: The Sonora desert is a rough place.

While trying to chose a mutual favorite show on Netflix:

Rhett: How about Justin Time?!
Rad: No.
Rhett: How about Julius Junior Rad?
Rad: No.
Rhett: You want Inspector Gadget?
Rad: No.
Rad: (Seeing a Thomas the Train pic) Train!!!! Train!!!
Rhett: No, no Rad...I just can't support that.

Very literally, the first thing he says one fine morning:

Rhett: Mom. Dad?
Julia & Jake: Ehhhh? (morning people extraordinaire)
Rhett: Are you guys nocturnal?
Julia & Jake:
Rhett: Because you guys stay up  late at night?

Assisting in giving Beck a bath:

Beck: (Fussy fussy, fuss, fuss) 
Rhett: Oh Beck...
Beck: (Crying, crying, cry, cry)
Rhett: You better...
Beck: (Wailing, wailing, wail, wail)
Rhett: ...stop crying...
Beck: (Wailing, wailing, wail, wail)
Rhett: ...or you'll have to back in mom's belly!

Admiring the contents of the Easter basket haul:

Rhett: I think Easter was a big hit.
Rhett: Like California.

Waking up to see a dressed up Julia and Jake on Sunday morning and realizing what that meant:

Rhett: (face falling) Oh, NO!!! I don't want to go see Jesus today. Pin It

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

the meet & greet

If you've donated any of your life's precious time to reading even one paragraph of this here blog you'll know when it comes to the boys, I don't always specialize in glass-half-fulling it. Occasionally. I do adore them, but most days are making the best of controlled chaos. So please no (hmm I just stared at that "no" for a looooooong time before realizing I really meant now...JK know)... ahem so please know that for me to say the meet and greet actually went surprisingly swimmingly...means that it went REALLY well in Miller land.

Tickle me (and Beck) shocked.

Since the NICU and Special Care Unit didn't allow visitors under the age of 12 (one of the most logical rules I've ever heard...too many monitor buttons to potentially push and few too little reasoning capabilities from the under 12 crowd) this was the boys first time meeting baldy.

The introductions were complete with high pitched, "It's SO cute!!" and all.

Rad (was and is) the happiest little Beck excavator and didn't have a single cold shoulder to toss my way. Rhett giggled like crazy when seeing him and wants to hold him in 100 minute increments. (His words.) He also is adamant that Beck is his favorite family member...and I'll take it. I'll take it all.

I know this is grainy and and my dark circles are out of control but...I'm throwing it up. This nappy hair lady knows the fun has just begun.

And other happenings to note:

- Rad thought his belly button cord left over was a piece of Easter candy and wondered when they could eat least that's why I think he was asking "tandy? tandy?" and pointing at it.

- He calls Beck, "bubby" and will gladly pet his head all day long but has no interest in holding him which is probably for the best as far as safety goeth.

- Rhett. The kid loves Beck. Loves him. I thought it was just the newness of a new baby in the house but he's stayed loyal to his affection each and every day. (So far! Counting my chickens, I know.) He tried to brush his hair (aka his head) today and it did not go over well, shockingly.

- He also lectures everyone on not throwing the baby. Mini parent of the year.

- Jake is a saint for taking such great care of the kids and me. There should be an entire section of greeting cards bigger than the birthday section solely dedicated to dads that take over for moms for an extended period of time. It's not easy and I know that. He's the best of all the rest.

And here's a video of the kids meeting Beck. (Or HERE if it doesn't work below.)

I'm hoping the love fest and babymoon in all its glory keeps going for the next 18 years.

That's not to much to hope for right? Dot, dot, dot...

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Thursday, April 9, 2015

bringing home Beck

Yesterday was a very good day. :) 

Welcome to the outside world little Beck!  

The first weeks/months of a baby's life is so wonderfully unpredictable, aren't they? I had many struggles with baby Rhett  (I like to call it Clueless New Mom Syndrome and I think I had it worse than anyone ever in the history of CNMS). With Rad I was a little better, but Second Child New Mom Syndrome is legit and in the past 24 hours Third Child New Mom Syndrome is kicking butt.

But it keeping with the bigger picture and the glass half full analogy, we are overjoyed to finally feel like a family of five. :)

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Monday, April 6, 2015

the farm (a pictour)

Doing something a little bit different today and posting a bevy of photos. Sorry for the deviation from the norm. Tolerance is a virtue and I appreciate your cooperation. (Winks and a big ha.)

(PS all this happened pre Beck but his early arrival postponed the blogging of it.)

We spent a Saturday at a local farm. 

^^^Proof that I'm not e-pulling your leg. We really went. The goat will vouch.

At one of the parks scattered throughout the farm, a spry five (ish) year old boy came bounding onto the slide next to Rad and watchdog Rhett yelled "Watch out for that old man, Rad!!! (Again - 5 feet away, 5 years of age)

The first person to tell them this isn't the fanciest sandbox in all of the land get to help them dig a 6 foot deep hole with the fanciest blue excavator in all of the land. Have fun...!

I believe this was when Rhett and Rad started yammering on about "stinky poop" for the entire crowd to hear.

Rad may not speak much English, but he can "Maaa!" and "Bahaaa!" with the best of them and did the whole time we were in the pen. #goatwhisperer

And minute 22 of indulging in his latest obsession. Maybe for his 3rd birthday we'll come here and get our party on.

Rhett was much more cautious about approaching enemy lines.

Fun for approximately 2 of the 3 involved.

And then the goat gave up. No shame baby goat.

Riding a bee. I don't know.

Clearly the swings were a popular choice. For two people.

Jake and I were in the mood to really up the anti and do something, "fun and spontaneous with the kids" and thought ice cream afterwards sounded like a nice treat.

We had a blast.

I promise. :) Pin It