Wednesday, August 5, 2015

this is two

Two minutes in the life of

a two year old..and his beloved ladle.

Julia: Can you say good morning?
Rad: No.

Julia: Can I change your diaper?
Rad: No.

Julia: Can you tell me what you want for breakfast?
Rad: No.

Julia: Can you give me a kiss?
Rad: No.

Julia: Can you say hi to Beck?
Rad: No.

Julia: Do you want to color?
Rad: No.

Julia: Do you want to do bubbles in the bath tub?
Rad: No. 

Julia: Can you tell me what you want to do?
Rad: No.

Julia: Can you say no?
Rad: ...silence...

This is two.

And this is fun.

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Friday, July 31, 2015

Rhett (and Rad!) chats

Watching me get ready from his perch in the bathroom sink:

Rhett: Why do you put that stuff on your face?
Julia: You mean my lotion?
Rhett: Yeah.
Julia: It helps my skin stay soft.
Rhett: Hmm.
Rhett: AND it help keeps the flies away.

Every single time we walk past this little lady at Target:

Rhett: Mom!
Rhett: I think she really likes me!!

(He lovingly looks at grazes her hand every time he sees her. Concerned? Maybe.)

Thinking maybe Rhett was ready to cuddle Beck while I showered:

Julia: OK you got him?
Rhett: Yep.
Julia: I'll hurry. (Starts walking away.)
Rhett: Mom!
Julia: What?
Rhett: What do I do if he dies?
Julia: Never mind....

Catching Rad getting into the van with a full sized bag of cereal on our way to church:

Jake: Go put that back Rad.
Rhett: (Sprinting into the backseat) Don't worry dad!
Rhett:  Those are just in case Jesus gets hungry.
Rad: My nack!

Slyly getting my phone of the counter and then makes a big production of looking surprised when I catch him opening his Lego game:

Rhett: Oh!
Rhett: Hmm!
Rhett: What?!
Rhett: Wow!
Julia: Are you supposed to with the phone now?
Rhett: No.
Rhett: But mom! Playing the phone helps when boys have lots of gas!
Rhett: And I have the gas!

A little bird watching at the park:

Rhett: Wow that's a lot of pigeons!
Rhett: Bet that one wishes that was a gummy worm he was eating.

At the kitchen table coloring with Rad:

Rad: Roaring like a dinosaur/lion/bear
Rhett: (Deep sigh)
Rad: Still roaring...
Rhett: Good grief. (Head in hands)
Rhett: I just can't color when everyone is wild.

Out of the blue:

Rhett: One time I ate a booger.
Rhett: It wasn't as delicious as I thought.

In a movie theater stall next to another occupied stall where someone seemed to be having some rather noisy intestinal issues:

Rhett: Oh, boy
Julia: What?
Rhett: (LOUD whisper) Did you hear that?!
Rhett: It sounded like THUNDER

And BONUS ....

A little guest appearance from our resident parrot...

Driving my some horses:

Rad: WOOK MOM!!!
Rad: Whores!!!!
Rad: MOM!!
Rad: WHORES!!!!

After he heard Beck loudly filling his diaper:

Rad: Oh!
Rad: B(l)ess you bay-bee Beck.

At the library:

Rad: Brings me this book 

Julia: You want to get this book?
Rad: YEAH 
Rad: It's honey!! 
Julia: (Realization) Wait...I'm honey

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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

the grand finale

It's summer and the livin's easy.

The kids wake up with the sun (4:58 am) despite mega efforts to seal their windows with 89 layers of foil and duct tape. (Plus they don't understand why "bedtime" happens during daylight because according to the sun 8pm = 4:30pm and they fight you. They fight you hard.)

You feel guilty if you're not outside enjoying the sun and shine but the second you get outside someone needs their 4th juice box and you realize there's no room in the kiddie pool for you.

Plus you're positive the garden-happy neighbor is going to call the cops if he hears one more of the kids' scream fights over who gets control of the hose aka control of the fun.

But summer came to an end this week as Rhett started kindergarden last Wednesday and I was determined to go out with a bang.

And in uncharacteristic fashion I'm just dumping a bunch of photos...long narrative descriptions will be saved for another post. Because Beck and his grunts that can grate against God's ears have been waking us up between feedings and equalling less sleep then we prefer. In a nutshell: I'm too tired to type.

Annnnd that's an embarrassing amount of pictures. We had fun. Did you catch that? Fun. Lots of fun.

Fun. (Wink wink ;))

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Monday, July 27, 2015

4 months of Beck

Beck is 4 months old. I know. Time flew!

Things to note on this joyous occasion:

Overnight (literally) he out grew his newborn clothes and is now a hefty 0-3 month onesie wearing hoss.

Prefers maximum attention from humans to minimum attention from humans.

The ceiling fan is his second mother.

Actually the fan ranks as his third mother. Rhett's mother hen skills and frequent dotting beat it by miles.

Requires much sleep to maintain his sedentary lifestyle.

Seems to really enjoy his perch in the L of couch and watching his brothers wrestle. Until he tips over and face plants onto the cushion. Then it's no bueno for Beck.

Loves the car and subsequently his carseat.

Still is putting his foot down at any attempts to lift his head during tummy time.

Overall...happier baby than Rhett was and much more chill then Rad ever was/has been. Much more.

Let the sibling rivalry begin. ;)

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