why I blog

I'll never forget several years ago when one of my good friends said something along the lines of, "blogging is REALLY weird" when we were talking about someone's (long gone) blog (that I enjoyed reading!!). I didn't necessarily agree because I could see the appeal but just nodded my head and the conversation moved right along.

So I think that stigma has sort of stuck with me and now even though it seems like more people than not have blogs these day...I think I probably turn the shade of my current toe nail polish (HOT RED) when I meet someone and they say, "oh, I read your blog!" I instantly wonder what in the big wide world they think of the boy's antics and that time that one of them may have pooped in the driveway ...or what they think about me taking pictures with my hot pink selfie stick? Probably that it's weird but I plug right along and keep on snapping and posting, don't I?


Where oh where are you going with this, dear Julia? I don't know.

Actually I do know what I'm rambling about.

I blog because this is my blog.

Heavy emphasis on MY blog because very little in this big world is actually solely mine.

Potty time? Nope. Alway have a chaperone.

Beloved fizzy diet sodas. Nope. Someone (Rad) is always sneaking God's nectar and hiding behind the blue chair.

Netflix account with my name on it? Nope. Nothing like this email to make you excited for some quality binge watching.

So this is my blog and yes, it's true...it's only because my kids can't type or figure out my CIA level passwords. Ha.

But unless they spontaneously learn to read and coordinate their phalanges this blog is mine.

Here that minions?


(Big winks ;))

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  1. Okay...I'm starting to think we are life twins. I am so glad I found your blog!

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  3. You are a charm on the charm bracelet of life! You keep going and going with that beautiful smile and family.

  4. Julia, I found your microfiber couch clean hack on Pintrest and you have saved my sanity and my couch. Also, I no longer want to hurt my husband or son when I see them diving straight for it when they come in from the gym. Seriously, guys, uck!

    Thank you!



I really appreciate all of your thoughts and comments! They bring a smile to my face!