Friday, November 11, 2016

Rhett and Rad chat

Feeling like we might have a problem:

Rhett: Who is the most handsome guy in the whole universe?
Julia: Ummmm
Rhett: Me of course mom.
Rhett: Welllll...I guess God can be the most handsomest.
Rhett: But I'm second place.

Why having kids is like living with an online troll you can't unfollow:

Rhett: Me and Rad's mustaches are becoming impressive.
Rhett: (staring at my upper lip) Your brown fur is coming in nicely too.

While holding his own blanket in his lap and sniffling:

Rad: Hey, Rhett?
Rhett: Yeah?
Rad: Can you toss me your blankie so I can blow my nose in it?

A porta-potty break at the pumpkin farm:

Rad: Mommy...are we in a trash can?
Julia: Basically.

While trying to decide what to do one afternoon:

Rad: Oh, can we watch a CVD?
Rhett: Rad! I keep telling you! It's called a DIVA-D.

After Beck preformed his newest trick...a highly noisy, enthusiastic kiss:

Julia: You're so sweet, Beck.
Rad: He's not that sweet.

During the bubonic a month-ish ago:

Rhett: Can you we go to the store today to buy some apples and chips?
Julia: No, Rad is still sick, I'm sorry.
Rhett: Well, I have a great idea
Rhett: He can just throw up in his hands.
Rhett...and then put it in his pockets and no one will see.

Seeing this image on a guys shirt:

Rhett: Why is Abraham Lincoln in such a bad mood?


Charging down the Target toy aisle:

Rad: (YELLING) MOM!!! I found my favorite pony!!!
Rad: I found HORNEY SPARKLES!!!!!!!
Indeed...the pony's unicorn horn was highly bedazzled. 

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