Saturday, July 9, 2011

A soon to be GIVEAWAY and just for laughs

Happy Saturday everyone! 
I love Saturdays.
They are great project days. 

And...guys....we're only 7 followers away from 100.
That's awesome!

When we get to 100 we're going to do another giveaway.
If you look to the right I've got a little survey to find out what you would like the giveaway to be.

Do you want something like a power tool....say an electric sander (gift receipt included)?
Do you want a gift card to go out to the movies a few times?
Do you want to go get pampered and get your hair or nails done?

Please take the survey and let me know!

Now just for your laughing enjoyment.

So when my husband and I were compiling ideas for a new masthead for el blog-o he had the idea of using a picture of me as part of it.

I'm really not a fan of pictures of just me, so this wasn't in my comfort zone.

But I decided to humor him and give it a try. 

These are some of the outtakes. 

I'm not cut out to be a model. 

I'll stick to making furniture look good. :)
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  1. I think any one of those photos would've worked. They're all adorable and awesome!

  2. Fun-looking photo shoot!! And I am loving that furniture in the photos!

  3. I personally think picture #4 would have been awesome! I am loving exploring your blog.

  4. I love that dress though! And the header you came up with is awesome!

  5. Just discovered your lovely blog. Enjoying your creative eye. Thanks for sharing your story... it was much needed;)

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