Thursday, December 15, 2011

Too funny...and too true.

So how true are any of these in your life? :)
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  1. Too funny! I don't know about waiting for something to blog about, but as a new twitterer, I definitely feel like I tweet way less than everyone else. That last one hits a little close. The last time my in-laws were here, and I received a compliment on something from my MIL, I responded, "I posted it on my blog a couple weeks ago." Doh!

  2. Ha! I love the last one most. I write on my blog way more than I actually tell people about... I'm a better writer than talker.

  3. Oh my gosh... I resemble those remarks!! Especially the first one. Can you believe I didn't even know what a blog was several months ago!!

  4. Oh those are hilarious....hmmmmm....a little too close to home here!

  5. hahahahahaahahahahah~ yep, i'm behind on my blog reading due to my blog writing!

    love it!


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