Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Reminding myself

When Rhett goes to sleep at night, we sneak into his room and watch him sleep. 

It is by far one of my favorite times of the day.

That little boy- he is mine. 

He is my ball of energy. He is my favorite dance partner. He is my laundry helper and my rock collector. He is my introduction to every stranger with his smiles and kisses for everyone. My little Mr. Man with so much personality and stubbornness that it can melt my heart and drive me batty at the same time. 

We've entered the "terrible two's" and most days I am at my witt's end at least once. 

But then I try (so hard sometimes!) to remember that he is innocent and perfect and learning and some how I was blessed with the opportunity to teach him to be a good person and to let him grow to his full potential. 

And that responsibility can overwhelm know what I mean?  

I watched some of our home videos yesterday and they reminded me off how quickly he's growing up.

And that sometimes I need to slow down and love every aspect of being a mom to my little man.

Even the tantrums.

All 29 of them yesterday. :)

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  1. My "little guy" is 17 years old now. It has been the longest and toughest road of my life. I would have probably written a similar post back when he was 2. He has challenged me every step of the way.

    The irony of reading your post for me today is as I returned to my house from dropping him off at school just a few minutes ago, I sat in my car frozen with concern. He is a junior in high school and even though he has a gifted IQ, he just has not performed much so, the idea of college has rapidly slipped away. I could bore you with countless stories over the last 17 years. But I won't. I will tell you that as his mom, I have done everything to help him "reach his potential" and his "stubborn" side just hasn't allowed him to reach for that.

    If I was giving you one piece of would be to cherish each day, do your best job and realize that sometimes WE are not in control of making sure it all comes out perfect, or that they reach their potential. I think that is something born in. Also....make sure that little man of yours has good study habits, even in elementary school. It matters. Mine was so smart, he never had to study to get As. Never learned early to have good work habits because he didn't need them. Now it matters...and it is impacting his options going forward.

    btw. Did I tell you, I loved being a mom too?!:)

  2. The sound of that sweet little giggle - priceless! Savor every moment, even the ones that make you crazy!

  3. Adorable! Thanks for sharing that special part of your life!
    Stacey :o)

  4. Still can't believe he used to be that small. I still see him like that and refuse to believe he's gotten any bigger! ;) But if it's any consolation, Janen exited the "terrible" stage just as quickly as she entered it. As she's learned more words and we've helped her learn how to express herself it has gotten better and better. It also helps not to lose my cool with her. When i lose my cool, she loses hers and we are both miserable. This is a stage of learning to be independent and the more I allow Janen room to do that the less and less of a battle there is. That way when a choice is not left to her she doesn't feel as stifled. If that makes any sense. Rhett is a smart little boy and I'm sure with patience from you, he will catch on quickly!

  5. oh julia! i love this post sooooo much! the love of a mother and her child is so incredible isn't it? i never imagined that such love existed. this post was so awesome for me because i got to "meet" you through the video! hang tough through those tantrums... bear is 3 and still has them... stay calm, stay positive... and when all else fails, eat ice cream :)

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