Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The birds and the bees according to a 2 year old

A conversation from our breakfast table. 

Me: Rhett, Mommy has a baby in her belly.

Rhett: O-tay.

Me: Do you think it's a girl baby, or a boy baby?

Rhett: Ummmm.......

(Gets a real serious look on his face.)

Rhett: No, it's a doggie. 

Me: A doggie? 

Rhett: Yeah, CUTE doggie!

Hopefully he's not to disappointed in March. :)

PS: We find out what we're are having on Oct 23.

PPS: I promise I will post a bump pic soon!

I really don't show till around 20 weeks and I'm 17 right now; so as of right now there's not much to show.

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  1. so funny!
    do you want me to take a pic of my belly so you can post it? it probably more resembles a 17 wk prego belly. ;)

    1. ummm. if that's the case then I guess I'm expecting next week! ;)

  2. Precious...when we told my nephew I was expecting (who was 2 1/2 at the time)...he looked absolutly disgusted..
    Me: Tanner, there is a baby in my belly
    Tanner:...disgusted look, maybe about to cry

    We came to the conclusion that he thought I had eaten a baby...

    1. Awww, that's cute, precious, a wee bit sad, but ultimately hilarious!
      I sure hope he figured it out without being too's amazing how those young little minds work!

  3. Ha, I was about to say that I look 20 weeks pregnant even now. Enjoy your baby puppy when the time comes! ;-) (hope kiddo isn't too disappointed that the puppy looks decidedly human)

  4. Rhett will love this baby. He is such a loving little boy. He will be such a good brother to his little sister or brother and eventually from another place....a dog. You are such good parents.

  5. kids are so cute! i'm sure the idea of a puppy in mommy's belly will fade fast when he sees his little brother or sister!

  6. Aww Rhett, what a sweetheart. I'm so excited for you guys, and for Rhett to have a little sibling!

  7. A doggie sounds good, but a baby brother or sister will be way better! So excited for you guys! And I bet you look adorable with a baby bump!

  8. It might be a little boy thing. I'm pregnant at the moment too. When I asked my not-quite-three year old "Do you think you'd like a baby girl or a baby boy?"...he said "baby puppy dog". I asked again (thinking that maybe he didn't understand), but got the same answer.
    I think that might be why we're pregnant for 9 months. To give us time to explain to toddlers what on earth is going on with our bellies! Hope you're keeping well!!

  9. hahaha I love little Rhetticus! I hope you have a girl. But of course if you have another boy that would be awesome too! Either way, your kids going to be cute cute cute!

    P.S. There is a Rhett look-alike in our ward. No joke. They could be twins. Only he's about 6 months or so younger. Every time I see the Rhett look alike I think of how much I miss you guys!


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