Monday, December 31, 2012

30 week baby bump

30 week baby bump.

Love from the big brother.

When I look back at all the pictures we have documenting my pregnancy with Rhett, and then realize this is only the second one we've taken for this little boy...I feel a little guilty. 

Don't get me wrong, we are so excited for this little guy to come into our family, but we are not even close to being ready. 

Please tell me this is normal for baby number 2. 

Pregnancy is going smoothly.

This little guy was slow to get on the kicking and flipping train, but now he seems to think he is lord of dance, with long stretches of Riverdance-esq kicking. :)

I do feel a decent amount of anxiety and anticipation with the thought that the severe PPD that could happen after the birth of this one like it did with Rhett. 

I've been journaling some thoughts about it and I've debated on writing a post about coming to the decision of having another child after what we went through with Rhett, and how we're preparing for this one; but I always go back and forth on how personal information is appropriate. So we'll see. 

But anyway, we are very excited for March 10th to arrive! 

PS Rhett still doesn't seem to understand we're having a baby. He calls my belly an "ouchie" because I'm telling him constantly not to jump on it because it will give me and the baby an ouchie.    

Any suggestions on how to help prepare him as much as possible? 

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  1. Oh Julia!
    You are so stinkin' cute!~
    I can't stand it - love the bump!!!

  2. Of course it's normal to not be "Ready"! You have so many things to deal with this time.

    As for preparing your son, I wouldn't worry too much about it. We didn't really bother when we had our second (or third)--they get used to a sibling pretty quickly.

  3. I didn't document my pregnancy with Elsie very well either. and surprise...I'm not documenting her first year quite the same either. But that's ok. I think something is better than nothing. As far as preparing him for his baby brother, talking to him about it every day (like you're doing) is best. I had a book for Janen about becoming a big sister and all the changes that would occur. She was very prepared for the D-Day and even reminded me of the some the details we talked about for months. It was cute. I think having a big brother gift also does wonders to curb jealousy. Janen got just as much attention from others when Elsie was born and probably just as many gifts from family and friends. It's only now that we are entering a little bit of jealousy, but we're trying to remedy that by spending more one on one time with her. :) And if sharing with the whole wide world about your PPD is too much...maybe post on your family blog (if you still have it. Sometimes it just feels good to get those thoughts out you know. Anyway, love ya!

  4. You look SO cute! Like you are tiny! Very lucky, since I blow up everywhere.. whatever. 3 weeks left for me, and I totally feel ya on not feeling ready. I'm sooo over pregnancy but kinda freaking out because I don't remember how to have a newborn! I'm probably going to do the "big brother" gift too, so my Carter feels special still =)
    Good luck in these last weeks, it's so rough, but at least it's one day closer!
    PS I need you to repaint my dressers- actually, I have about 10 painting projects that I wish you lived closer so I could hire you =)

  5. You look totally adorable Julia! You are going to have an awesome 2013!!!

  6. When I was pregnant with my 2nd, we borrowed my sister's baby doll and had our son "take care" of it. He loved carrying that doll around and it was a good way to teach him how to hold babies properly. I loved the last 5 weeks of my second pregnancy because I knew that time was coming to a close where all my time and energy was focused on my oldest.

    Hopefully this time will go much smoother for you because you know the warning signs of PPD and can get help a lot sooner if that issue does arise.

    Good luck and enjoy that baby!

  7. We had our second baby in August 2011. And I don't think I had her room complete until after she was born. Whereas with my first it was ready 4 months before she was born. Go figure. You have a little more time on your hands with the first one. Let Rhett help as much as possible with the new baby. Take him in the new babies room and talk about what to expect. The crying, the diapers and all the goodness that comes along with it. We talked about the new baby constantly. I think that really helped.

  8. Stopped by to say hello and say that Stacie was right you look wonderful! Congrats to you and best of luck with the "special delivery!"

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