Monday, February 24, 2014

so much to say, so little time 7

conversations with a 3 year old are fantastic.

getting him dressed in the morning:

these wonder-wears (underwear) make my bum EXTRA cozy!

as I sat on the floor enjoying a moment of self-pity accompanied by some head holding:

Rhett: mom. i know it's hard.
Rhett: but you just gotta close your eyes and think of something happy.
Rhett: like french fries.

when Rhett took a toy from Rad. forcefully.

Rhett: okay, here's the plan.
Rad: (lip trembling)
Rhett: you're just going to put on your big boy pants and move on.

looking over and seeing him running in place

Jake: everything ok Rhett?
Rhett: yeah, I just so psychic!
Jake: mean excited?
Rhett: yeah I'm psychic!

at random moments throughout the day:

i pledge aweegiance to the flag,
of the United States of the America.
and to the repb-lick for which it stands.
one nation under dogs, invisible,
with me, and justice for all.

after several times of saying his name rather frustratedly:

Rhett: don't call me RRRRHETTT! just call me sweetheart.

at my podiatrist office, in front of the nurse:

Rhett: hey mom, do you have sex?
Rhett: i want some sex.
Julia: ummm...what?
Rhett: (turning to the nurse) do you like sex?

he meant snacks.

while Rad was in the middle of one of his epic whine/face plant on the floor fests:

Rhett: okay dude - that's enough.

"helping" dig out the hole for the indoor trampoline:

Rhett: guess what?
Julia: what?
Rhett: i haven't put any mud in my ears.
Rhett: are you proud of me?

an attempt at a sweet moment...

Julia: i love you Rhett.
Rhett: and I just love to watch avengers.

asking him the difference between boys and girls:
rhett: I'm a boy because I'm just a boy and mom's a girl because she's got crazy hair.

he found the "sex."

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  1. Oh my goodness! How hilarious is your son!? I can't wait til mine starts talking fluently like that, despite the embarrassment that may come with it. Hahahaha

  2. Oh my goodness. This is the best post yet. I literally laughed out loud. He is a hoot! Love your boys so much. Miss them tremendously. Give them lots of hugs and kisses.

  3. I think I would have died! He is adorable and hilarious.

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