Wednesday, February 11, 2015

adventurers gonna adventure

Thank you, thank you, and caps lock THANK YOU for all the sage wisdom with the baby name post! Both here and on FB you all helped narrow down some ideas and feel better about some of our candidates.  :) 

The boys spent about 10 days completely hacking up their little lungs and anything else in their bodies. Rad had bronchitis and Rhett had pneumonia for the 4th year in a row. Some anniversaries just shouldn't happen. But I really shouldn't complain. As soon as the boys even start breathing funny, so long as around of nebulizers, steroids and antibiotics does the trick I just start saying prayers of thanks that it isn't the stomach flu because toddlers + projectile throw up/dehydration = just the worst. I'll take coughing over the vomit plague any day, in case the illness gods are reading. :)

Rhett's a seasoned pro with all this now, but he still tells me in 86 different and creative ways how much he hates being sick:

My wungs are so annoying!

I just can't handle this any wonger!

My wife is so frustrating, Mom!

Maybe a milkshake will help?

Can you find some better medicine?

Where's my blanket?

Where's my tissue?

Where's my water?

And I'll share the fact that I hired Diego, Dora, and amigos to babysit my young from around 3:00 in the pm till 5:30PM during the Great Cough Epidemic of 2015. Let me guess ... you'd like the opportunity to stare in awe at my mother skill set? Be my honored guest.

But now with good health gracing our abode we are in full circus mode.  Errrrrrrrday.

Or rave mode. Especially after 7:38PM.

The perfect weather fairies finally descended upon our arid land where it is now not too hot, not too cold, but just right. We've discovered two new parks including this one with the "go-go-go!" slide. Rad yells this in an equal parts terrified and thrilled voice as he barrels down. When he gets to the bottom he throws his hands up and yells "Wheee!" with a post victory jump session.

Rad loves the swing...moving or still. In this area he's always been my favorite.

When Rhett is pushed on the swing he reports to be "feeling so much energy" with each push. I can assure you that this can be attributed to something he's seen on Netflix.

These two and their hate/love/hate relationship. Twill baffle me forever. They've just started sharing a room as we commence a new round of sleep training before boy #3 enters the world. This grainy gem was snapped when they both wandered into our room and hour and half after we had tucked them in. Rhett had to go to the bathroom, but let us know he was also up for snuggling and making birthday cards if we wanted him to. Tempting. Rad just does whatever Rhett does so he also wanted to make birthday cards. 

Their contributions to the Hallmark dynasty. 

I've started walking in the evening, not far, and sometimes I bequeath the privilege to join on the crew. It goes something like this with them..."walk, run. walk, throw rocks, run, poke a stick in a hole, run, see a dog, freak out, pet the dog, walk, run, throw rocks, beg to get a dog."

Rad REALLY/clearly likes the throwing rocks part. 

Ones undergarments should always match ones scooter. Rad philosophy #47.

And Rad's hiding place of choice on 2.5.15. Ostrich style behind the assortment. 

Miles of smiles,

the adventuring team

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