Thursday, April 16, 2015

Rhett chats

Overheard from the playroom:

Rad: Rhett! Rhett! Rhett! RHETT! Rhett! Rhett!
Rhett: (Deep sigh)
Rad: RHETT! Rhett! Rhett! RHETT!
Rhett: Congratulations Rad. You know my name.

Prepping to fill the mighty role of preschool snack helper:

Julia: Rhett, what do you want to take for snack helper tomorrow?
Rhett: Well....
Rhett: Messy chips (Doritos)
Julia: Ok
Rhett: And...! CHICKEN WINGS!

Despite my 99 requests that he please, "stay close to me!" at the grocery store Rhett snuck to the paper towel aisle and gave me a 1.5 minute heart attack before I found him:

Rhett: No, there YOU are!
Rhett: I told you, "stay close to me, Mom!!"

Leaving a park playdate:

Rhett: When you live in the desert sometimes you just gotta drink your spit.
Rhett: The Sonora desert is a rough place.

While trying to chose a mutual favorite show on Netflix:

Rhett: How about Justin Time?!
Rad: No.
Rhett: How about Julius Junior Rad?
Rad: No.
Rhett: You want Inspector Gadget?
Rad: No.
Rad: (Seeing a Thomas the Train pic) Train!!!! Train!!!
Rhett: No, no Rad...I just can't support that.

Very literally, the first thing he says one fine morning:

Rhett: Mom. Dad?
Julia & Jake: Ehhhh? (morning people extraordinaire)
Rhett: Are you guys nocturnal?
Julia & Jake:
Rhett: Because you guys stay up  late at night?

Assisting in giving Beck a bath:

Beck: (Fussy fussy, fuss, fuss) 
Rhett: Oh Beck...
Beck: (Crying, crying, cry, cry)
Rhett: You better...
Beck: (Wailing, wailing, wail, wail)
Rhett: ...stop crying...
Beck: (Wailing, wailing, wail, wail)
Rhett: ...or you'll have to back in mom's belly!

Admiring the contents of the Easter basket haul:

Rhett: I think Easter was a big hit.
Rhett: Like California.

Waking up to see a dressed up Julia and Jake on Sunday morning and realizing what that meant:

Rhett: (face falling) Oh, NO!!! I don't want to go see Jesus today. Pin It

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  1. That little guy cracks me up. I loved the nocturnal comment. In fact they all made me laugh out loud. You have made my Saturday. Love you all!!!!!


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