Thursday, July 23, 2015

let's do this: kindergarten

Oh blog.

I'm so glad that you're here to catch all my over sharing of things most everyone wouldn't even find remotely interesting.

But how could I not document my first borns, first day of Kindergarten?

It's a must.

Details blog. You want details. And in my-not-reserved-style I will share all the deets. Or as many as I can cram in before Rad starts calling for "honey."

School started on Wednesday so that Monday we went to meet the teacher.

We hauled our back to school supplies in from the parking lot and as we approached the door, I felt Rhett's hand slip into mine. Holding his hand as we walk through the school amid echoes of sneakers on vinyl he pulled my head down and whispered "I'm really nervous Mom."

Well dang it, that just made my heart catch and I squeezed his hand and pulled him closer. I kept reassuring him --that "We'll see how you feel on Wednesday," and "You know what, this will be really fun!!"

We found his class and managed to wrangle two epic bags of school supplies, the boys, the stroller and Rad's 4 Ninja Turtles (we live by the herd mentality) through the door where we were greeted by the angel of Kindergarten, Rhett's teacher.

Rhett's teacher is the best... the epitome of the story book kindergarten teacher...every prayer I've been saying since April about his teacher was somehow answered. And she didn't bat an eye at my questions and over sharing about all of Rhett's quirks. She talked to Rhett like he the only kid in the hectic classroom. She was everything I was hoping for.

We left with all parties feeling much better (except Rad, he wanted to keep sitting at the desk and bossing everyone around.)

His teacher sent this poem with her day-before-school-email. And I sobbed.

I gave you a little wink and a smile 
As you entered my room today.
For I know how hard it is to leave and know your child must stay. 
You’ve been with them for 5 years now
And have been a loving guide, 
But now, alas, the time has come To leave them at my side. 
Just know that as you drive away
And tears down your cheeks may flow
I’ll love them as I would my own
And help them learn and grow. 
So please put your mind at ease 
And cry those tears no more 
For I will love them and take them in 
When you leave them at my door.

Sniff. It still makes me weepy.


Two sleeps later...aaaand bada boom...there we were on the first day.

Rhett was literally bouncing between really excited and totally freaked out as we loaded up to drop Rad off at a friends so that Rhett could have a our undivided attention.

But once we got there he found his kindergarten groove, wanted to tell Mr. Burghart (yes his teacher is a Mrs. but Rhett can't seem to remember that...) they lined up and I help it together long enough for him to get inside the building and not let him see me burst into tears.

(HERE if the video doesn't work.)

The biggest relief for me was that Rhett and his best friend Everett ended up in the same class so I know they've got each other. Because I'm not a helicopter mom. No. Not ever.

 ^^^This picture!! So handsome! So sweet! My heart. Mush.

Rhett's highlights and lowlights from the first day:


- Sitting on the rug and talking
- Playing outside
- His pencil box with all his supplies
- That his R2D2 backpack makes noises


- Having to go to the nurses office for bonking heads with another student.
- The fact that he has to go back. He says it was "too busy." (But! He woke up today ready to go and when I picked him up this afternoon he was hyped about the day so I don't see kindergarten drop out on his future resume. Fingers crossed.)

And a little video of picking him up. I'm sure the crossing guard formed some pretty quick opinions about the momarazzi in the mini van. But this only happens once!!! So I videoed.

(HERE if the video doesn't work.)

And one final thought, pretending like kindergarten has made me wiser or something.

When I got home and walked into my kitchen, looked at my remaining boys at home and promptly burst into tears. Because it suddenly hit me how none of it really mattered. Seriously. 5 years in the blink of an eye. Cliche but SO TRUE. It's a little haunting to see how fast it's gone and worry if I've done enough to teach him to have manners, foster his personality, and instill humility and empathy. What's the expression? "Home is the first school, and parents are the first teachers." Right?

Such a sweet thought.

Somehow Rhett knows the alphabet, how to write all of the letters, and how to make their sounds. He can some how read a few words (or at least recognize them), has a few basic math skills in his repertoire and is curious about everything. THIS IS NOT ANY SORT OF BRAG because: 1. I'm sure children many months (and probably years) younger than he is know all of this and more! and 2. I am 100% positive he learned his skillset a la PBS KIDS, his fantastic preschool teacher and/or maybe Jake is pulling a Tiger Dad and sneak-waking him in the middle of the night to drill him on letters + sounds but it has absolutely nothing to do with me. At all.

But! (Not to make this about me (ha)) I keep thinking that this is like my first mile marker of motherhood. The first public appraisal of my time and effort.


No pressure. But I know Rhett and I know that he'll rock kindergarten. :)

Let's do this 2015 school year.

Bring on the worksheets.

PS: We (Tyrell and I) took the boys up to the school the evening before the blessed event and took pictures of them. Since the first day of school would be cra-z-y we didn't want to be shoving a camera in their faces.

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  1. I was just having a conversation yesterday about how emotional it is when your first kid starts school. And now, I can't WAIT for the third to go. Two. More. Years. Lol

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