Monday, June 20, 2016

and then there was kindergarten graduation

Kindergarten graduate Rhett and his fan club. 

Beck and Rad where stoically proud of their biggest brother. Stoic.

What's this?? Our first born has conquered the academia of of kindergarten with flying colors? Consider us epically proud of our special snowflake. We fully understand that if it wasn't for amazing teachers and Rhett's ever expanding inquisitive nature, he wouldn't have learned half of what he did this past year. Jake and I are pretty decent parents on many levels, but I would pretty much never bet on us handling all of the boys education solo. 

And of course no school year would be complete without the fantastic tradition of kindergarten graduation. I know my kid was in it, but man it was adorable. 

All us proud families smooshed ourselves into the bleachers with the pint sized leg room (poor Jake!) and got to know each other reeeeal well for the ceremonies. Beck has an love of pulling arm/leg/head/eyebrow hair and the father sitting next to us who had plenty of hairs that he wanted to examine . I love when our first introductions to people start on such a personal note. "Hi...we're the Millers. Our youngest is a big fan of your leg hair(s). Big fan."

The newest graduates showed off their hard work and catchy songs. One number was America the Beautiful and Rhett assured us we would cry happy tears when we heard him sing it. Indeed, we found it very sweet. Rad and Breckie (Breckie is Rad's BFF and Everett's sister and Everett is Rhett's BF and also in his class) really enjoyed getting down to the kindergarten beats. And wait till the end...Rad as a special update for you.

If you don't speak Rad, he tells the camera that he "tooted" or in other words passed gas. I'm so glad that's in the records for all of time.

The kids all talked about what they wanted to be when they grew up. Rhett's planning on the lucrative career of a ninja and one of his classmates wants to be a dog. (Rhett wanted to be a cheetah a few moons ago so I feel like he and this boy are on the same vibe.)

Mrs. Burghart...the saint of all teachers. Rhett is in love with her and so are we.

Among other things learned this past school year, Rhett learned he has a definite type for his childhood crushes. Long dark hair being the leading attraction. The puppy love stats for the year include three girl friends, two engagements and countless conversations on his thoughts were on what love meant.

Rhett: I'm in love.
Rhett: Like grown up love.
Julia: Oh wow. What does it feel like to be in love?
Rhett: Like an avalanche where you have to run for your life.

Other favorite conversations: when he came home and asked for a Spider Man wallet and my wedding ring so he could get married (nope) and when he mentioned that girls like him because he let them give him hugs. The boundaries talk followed right after that statement, worry not.

I remember filling out a sheet asking what we hoped our kids would have learned by the end of the year and I wrote something lame and subpar like "that he can spell his name" and now Rhett can read and spell and write sentences and knows addition and subtraction, so God bless kindergarten forever and ever amen. (And at this rate he'll surpass my book learning by third grade. But really....fractions still aren't my strongest subject.)

Congrats Rhett!

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