Tuesday, September 17, 2013

awesome photo editing apps for bloggers

Who loves blogging?!

You do?

Do you love apps?! 


Do you love fun creative stuff?!

Of course you do!

Then these apps are right up your alley, and for the most part they are all free. 

Super sweet.

 As much as I love my Nikon Dslr and Mac, I do a lot of blogging stuff on my phone. 

My phone is always with me and there are some great, easy apps that take basic pictures to a new level, help create buttons and help with social media.

So here we go!

Price: Free

VSCO Cam is by far my favorite photo editing app. 

Instagram is great, but Instagram is mostly for putting a filter over a picture. 

But what if you don't like the filters they give you? Or you want just a slight filter? Or you just want to brighten the exposure, use zoom or  enhance focus?

Instagram really can't help with that. 

(I'm not bashing Instagram at all! I love it. I'm talking strictly from a photo editing perspective.)

VSCO allows you to edit pictures like you would in photoshop or Adobe, but in a slightly simpler context.

You can adjust brightness, contrast, zoom, crop and they do have filters, but the strength of the filter is totally adjustable.

From VSCO you can upload to pretty much any social network, including Instagram.

VSCO essentially helps your phone pics look like quality images. 

Price: $1.99

Rhonna Design is a great app for making pictures more fun.

The app doesn't change the image so much as it allows you to overlay designs, art, images etc. 

Like this. 

Fun right?!

I love using this apps to make buttons for tutorial etc. 

(Like the button at the beginning of the post...made by this app. :))

You can also upload your images to most social networks from this app.

Price: Free

Studio is kind of like the marriage of VSCO and Rhonna. 

Studio has simple tools that allow you to create beautiful layered designs.

I hope this helps all you social mongols! :)

Now go take some fantastic photos. 

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  1. Thank you for sharing! I had VCSO and LOVED it. Not sure why it's not on my phone anymore. I will have to change that!

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  2. Thanks for sharing Julia!! I'll have to check them out!

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