Friday, December 5, 2014

my feat of super human strength

 A hidden tribe of super athletes ran the Greatest Race the World Has Never Seen a few Saturdays ago.

Ok ok, exaggerate much Julia? 


But really, it's all about the chance for a grown woman to rock a tutus. 

So I'm not a fan of working out just for the sake of being healthy...but I love working out for a challenge or a goal. But other than chasing the boys (literally, dang clothes racks at Target. So many options to hide...) So this was pretty much a from couch potato to 5K in 24 hours. 

And why not start any athletic event with anything but glazed doughnuts? Because the tutu's are very forgiving.

Seeing Rad's name (adjective...whatever) across everything made me strangely proud...poor kid is going to have a complex one day. 

^^^ 3.1 miles, 28 minutes and at 16 weeks pregnant, running the whole dang thing, I finished the race. I didn't puke, didn't have bladder issues and I only had to spit into my shirt thrice. (Because I cannot actually legitimately spit to save my life.) But hey, you do what you have to do to endure those 3.1 miles and I would only consider it a minor failure. Very minor.

^^^ And you better believe I felt like the non-flippered version of Michael Phelps on land.

Side note:

Despite my feeling of glory and accomplishment, it should be acknowledged at one point I got schooled by a very impressive sixty-five year old speed walker.

Mind you, I was running.

I tired to give him my best glare and muster a mutter of, "If you pass me, I will blog about you...Threat?? No promise!" to show him how serious this former high school cross country runner (I know, super impressive) was, but he passed me anyway.

Shame isn't word enough. I'm currently mentally training to beat that guy.

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  1. way to go!!!!!!! and your pace is great! i did the color run and hated it- it was SOOOOOO crowded with so many people walking. i think i ran 5 miles because i had to weave the entire time.

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  2. How fun! And I'm super impressed...I definitely wasn't running anywhere when I was pregnant.


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