Thursday, December 11, 2014

Rockstars (with videos!)

What do the word musical and the Miller's have in common?

Well for starters they both start with the letter M...and then the similarities take a deep plunge into not much.

Let's rank our musicality.


- Can play one song on the guitar. The classic Erin Clapton Tears in Heaven.
- Has a really nice singing voice and a great quick wit with changing lyrics. Shower time is his inspiration.
- And at the last 3 wedding we've attended Jake has thrown his back out with his dance moves. Maybe it's time to start calling them "epic" dance moves.


- Expert at singing any sort of woe-is-me songs.
- Has learned the louder she ups the volume in the mini van the more she sounds just like Taylor Swift.


- Has a pastime of singing and dancing with himself in the mirror singing songs about Jesus' muscles (no, no - we don't wonder what we've done wrong)
- Sings "Shake it off, shake it off off" complete with some WIDE hip swings.
- Is enthusiastically tone deaf


- Loves "grooving" (one word for dancing, my word for seizing)
- Although he can't really talk, he can contribute to singing "You are my Sunshine" and "Let it Go"

^^^I call this video "No one puts Rad in a corner" and it's possibly one of my favorites of him.

^^^And in case you ever wondered why we call them rockstars...Rhett enlightens us.

Forrest Gump and a box of chocolates around here --- always.

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  1. What can I say, I got the part in Oklahoma as Ado Annie because I sang off key. They liked it that way. Looks like the boys are born to be stars like me. They are so cute! I really think the hats make all the difference. They are my sunshine!!!!!!!!!

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