Thursday, June 11, 2015

flew the looney bin

A few months, (years?) ago, my friend Tyrell and I said we would hike the mountains that are literally next to our homes.

But babies, desert summers, and a slew of mom excuses means it took awhile to actually let our spirit animals wander.

And so finally we wandered. (And I huffed and puffed. SO OUT OF SHAPE.)

And I guess the views weren't awful...

They'd do for Julia to dabble in a bit of photo journalism, aka snap some phone photos for her professional website, aka her mom blog.

 The serious wide open spaces took my breath away.

OK let's just state the obvious...out of breath, out of shape, same diff.

Since we didn't have our brood with us, we decided throw the "be a good example" card into the wind just barely go off the proverbial beaten track and climb the rocky ascent to one of the peaks. (Mother loving rebels) About halfway up we realized that the natives ie: rattle snakes, tarantulas, and scorpions might not be as hospitable as say a fluffy bunny rabbit.

Thankfully the natives were either out of town or were just not interested in hearing us chat about our kids and stretch marks.

The summit was truly amazing. Even with a sprinkle of rain the weather was perfect and the steady breeze was almost empowering in a guru sounding sort of was. I've always wanted to recreate this moment from Pocahontas and I think this was as close as I'd ever get.

Moms just wanna have fun too.
Is it bad blog etiquette to end a post with a very up-close-toothy-grainy selfie?

If so someone slap my blogging wrists.

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