Thursday, June 4, 2015

reunioning part 2

There are three subjects that I consistently photograph and consistently wonder why I try to do them justice at all.

1. Zoo animals
2. Food
3. Nature

Jake dislikes going to the zoo with us mostly because (in his words) he really doesn't enjoy posing with every animal and/or waiting for me to capture the essence of aardvark in his faux-natural habitat, usually while the aardvark is sleeping and all that's visible is his backside from 4 yards away.

He also is prone to quote this line "because that's just what Instagram needs...another cloud (doughnut, sunset, cat etc...) picture."

But you know how it goes....must. preserve. all. the. memories!

Anway I was in my wanna-be National Geographic photographer element when we pulled up to this place in Boulder with that backdrop where I was able to professionally photograph one of my favorite mediums...nature.

Click-click. Clickty-click.

And thank you VSCO filter M3 for making me feel we have lot of cellular phone photos to reminisce over and share.

As Rad would say,


I mean those mountains! The Flatirons are some of the most majestic beauties I've ever seen.

And you can't be near mountains like that and not want to pretend you're Maria Von Trapp. Which I may or may have not done every time we went out and hiked. Did I sing? You bet your doe a deer, a female dear, I did.

If Maria wore yoga pants, had 9 week postpartum baby chub and had a pony tail that is. 

I had it in my mind to get a great Memorial Day shot with the boys and their American flag shirts and the purple mountain's majesty behind them. But the good ol American sunshine was to bright for the AZ natives who forgot to pack the Ninja Turtle sunglasses. So Rhett DIYed a pair for himself.

I took the boys on a 1/10 mile nature walk and Rad was petrified of the pine cones. Naturally.

Sister(s) and Brother

Who share the same genetic failure to wear appropriate shoes for hiking.


But I finally got it right...and then met the friendliest mud hole you ever did meet.

One day I should document the kid's quirks, but here's a freebie for you, Rad will only eat his "nacks" out of the bag the manufacturer puts them in. We save a lot of money on Ziploc baggies but get just as many stares when he's dragging the full bag of Cheerios around the park.

His souvenir stick, err log.

 Hiking with my little hikelets

Colorado is our favorite.

Don't let stink-eye Rad let you think otherwise.

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