Tuesday, March 29, 2016

in which we sing happy birthday to the Easter Bunny

I had grand ambitions to really pump up the spiritual side of Easter with the boys this year and for once I feel like I actually did a better than mediocre job at accomplishing that. For once! These videos (1, 2, 3, 4) were a great resource in helping boost my spiritual instruction and Jake is always the best at reading scriptures with the boys.  

So on Easter morning when Rad kept belting out"happy birthday dear Easter Bunny!" and Rhett corrected him to sing "happy birthday to Jesus!!" I considered it a notable achievement. 

And because they both thought it was someone's birthday they assumed they should be the beneficiaries of some gifting. Hashtag - kid logic.

Some hastily written clues hidden in eggs led the boys to their loot. Rhett can read pretty well now so he assumed the role as super sleuth and because this was high stakes sleuthing he enrolled Rad as his side kick and insisted Ben smell every clue in order to get a leg up on finding the Easter goodies.  

As you can deduct I didn't even think to purchase Easter baskets, toys, candy, eggs, or anything at all for Beck for Easter morning because he is way too young to know and care and um...I'm a mean parent. But we did graciously let him chew on every plastic Easter egg he could get his hands on. So he was pacified.

Our church meetings don't start till noon and even though we have ample time every Sunday morning we are still always racing to make it to the sacrament in time (Our stats are about 50/50 right now....errrr.) So in honor of the sacredness of Easter Sunday we were determined not to be late. However. Despite doing two things we never ever ever do: 1. setting out the kids' clothing the night before 2. setting an alarm and YET we were still tardier than usual. Way to be, Millers. But we still got to take the sacrament, so yet another notable achievement for Easter Sunday.

After church we took some super successful family photos (thanks Andrea!) in front of the church doors because ambiance...

And then finally a super sweet framer of the the family.

With all the religious observance and picture taking, the boys were very concerned that the Easter Bunny had forgotten all about us as his mean parents made everyone wait to hunt sugar until after church.

This was the first year that we didn't have to explain the complicated rules of pick up the egg and put it in your basket and yes, you can have more than one egg in your basket at a time and yes, there is candy in every single egg. The only rule that need reiterating was that no one could monopolize all the goodies even if you were the oldest/fastest/loudest/only girl.

But they eventually all reigned victorious and were VERY proud of their findings.

All in all...a very successful day, I'd say.

I hope YOU all had a very Happy Easter and that you were able to spend the day with loved or liked ones. Happy Easter (Tuesday)!

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