Thursday, March 10, 2016

the block party

We're almost four years into living la vida Arizona and I have to admit that it feels like quite a bit longer because it took us NO time at all to happily acclimate to the 72 degree winters. The frosty weeks in Utah filled with the dread that bled into another long week are long gone and we find ourselves eagerly asking each other, "sooo what should we do this weekend?!" quite a bit. It's like a whole new world, especially now that 2/3 of the boys are much easier to take to social settings. 

This past weekend lent itself to the tiniest bit of adventuring on Saturday when we decided to drive and park a mile from the block party/street fair downtown, walk to said festivities, enjoy ourselves and have so fun, and walk to to the car and drive home. Yes, a grand adventure. 

At the block party. Beck was plotting exactly how much of Rhett's hair he could commander for his own use.

The kids hated the fun games. 

When do concrete memories kick in? Three or four years of age, I think? Was I a late bloomer? Who cares. Well the 6 tickets we used (read: $6 whole dollars) make me hope that Rhett really remembers his first Everest expedition. And he's still talking about it and how much he LOVES rock climbing so here's to hoping.

And riiight after this snap Beck wasn't about to eat that random leftover cotton candy that Rad found on the ground and shared with him...

If only.

No worries I grabbed the dusty gray treat before he did. (Feline like sprinting and reflexes...) 

Rad is never amused when I try to make him smile when he's enjoying his second favorite food group...cotton candy.

And this. THIS. This is cheesecake on a stick with thee thickest graham cracker crust, dipped in chocolate. Dude. I know.

Ben magically when from a white fluff puff to a dingy fluff puff. This was one thing we didn't think through when we got an all white dog. His baths and blowouts take longer than doing my hair. No scrolling up to see that first picture of my nappy bun.

The band was really into 80s rock ballads which unbeknownst to his parents, are Rad's jam. When asked if he wanted to go dance, he replied no...but that he the did want to go and "wiggle wiggle" to the music. (His words.)

All in all, a very good family outing.

A very good one indeed. :)

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