Friday, August 16, 2013

my husband's interpretation of my blog list

Last night Jake started scrolling through my bookmarks of my phone and then through my google reader.

Him: "Do you really read all theses blogs?"

Me: "Yes. It's how I stay educated and up to date."

Him: "Do you ever read the news?

Me: "Nope, too depressing."

Him: "I don't get it. Educated about what? How did you even find these, they make no sense."

That's when I realized that Jake was reading the names of the blogs very. literally.

Here are some of his off the cuff responses when I went through part of my blog list.

Oh I had to chuckle. :)

Little Green Notebook: Isn't that the name of that movie with Ryan Gosling?

Nat the Fat Rat: It sounds like Templeton from Charlotte's Web blog

Miss Mustard Seed: A faith blog...maybe gardening...?

Young House Love: I don't know....maybe like that old show the Real World. Is it a TV show?

Cup of Jo: Coffee addicts UNITE!

The Hunted Interior: A taxidermy website

Camp Patton: A history blog about army stuff

Bleubird Vintage: A retirement home bird watching club blog

Bower Power: If Mario and Luigi had a blog with Bowser

Primitive and Proper: Little House on the Prairie

Living in Yellow: (Singing) They call me mello-yellow...

Charming Zebra: The zebra bubble gum with the cool tattoos

Rockstar Diaries: Makes me think of toddlers & tiaras. 

Hahahaha! :)

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  1. ironically little house on the prairie was my favorite show as a child, i had my own laura ingalls outfit. and we sort of live on a house on a hill with lots of grass. he's right.

  2. I have all sorts of comments swirling around in my mind for Jake, but instead I will just say he is paying more attention than my husband is to living with a blogger, most times I am reading right next to him and he is oblivious. Tell Jake I wanna know what he would name HIS blog!


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