Thursday, November 21, 2013

8 months of Rad


Ladies and Gentleman, we have finally reached 8 months with Rad. (Actually almost 9 months...)

He's thrilled.

And as the beloved second child, he doesn't get a monthly post like his brother did; and let's face's nap time and I'm worn out and just want to show some cute pictures and call it good. 

Rad has a mad love of pickles.

And Oreos.

And the knobs on his dresser. He loves those the most.

But lest we forget. Not much makes him happier than sitting in the car.

Yes. This is what it looks like. Wake up to early in our house and we make you play in Mom's closet. (With the door open. Of course.)

 And probably the highlight of this month was Rad getting his fantastic helmet to help with the flat spot on the back of his head.

We call him mini Magneto. (From X-Men)

And lastly to make me feel better about this less than stellar tribute to our favorite 8 month old, 2 videos of his radness. 

You just keep trying to crawl Rad...we'll be here all year.

And that baby in the reflection? BEST. FRIEND. EVER.

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