Monday, November 25, 2013

great family moments brought to you by shopping carts

As I've been trying to keep up with organizing and printing our pictures, I've noticed we have quite a few pictures of our kiddos in shopping carts. 

(We also have a slightly ridiculous amount of selfies of Rhett, but that's a whole other post.) 

I realize that posting a montage of pictures of kids in shopping carts falls lands right up there with pictures of cats wearing moustaches, but whatever.

And I also realize that most of these were taken at Costco. We may have a membership there mostly for the free samples, large bags of pita chips, churros, the toy aisles, and how much we love dropping major bucks on diapers. Oh and how they always draw smiling faces on our receipt when we leave. Seriously, Rhett keeps those receipts till I can sneak them into the recycling.  

But I digress. Back to the totally not random post about my kids in shopping carts. 

And personally one of my favorite reasons for these pictures is Rad's facial expressions. 
They are legitimately some of the cutest out there. 

Caption? Anyone?

"...ITSY BISTY SPIDER! Sing MOM! SING NOW!" -Rhett (I sang. True story.) 

"No, really his head is THIS big! For real!" -Rhett 

"Let's see what's on Mom's to-do pretty sure she would want me to eat it. Yeah. That's on there." -Rad

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  1. Beautiful pictures and beautiful boys! I, personally, love candid shots and they are always the ones
    I end up enlarging and hanging on the wall. They catch the "real person," I think.

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