Monday, November 4, 2013

oh hello there....

as you can see we've done a few changes around here. slightly new blog name, new layout and slightly new content.

as i talked about in this post, i really want to focus on our family. time goes so gosh darn quickly and i don't want to look back in 5 years and only have a blog with pictures of furniture redos and beautiful pictures from Pinterest.

not that there is anything wrong with that! i love a good eye candy blog, and i'm planning on including some of that as well. i don't want to give up projects and decorating and hobbies that i love. i just want to make sure that i take time for our family as well.

so on that note i thought i'd give you a few random facts about each member of our family to get this "new" blog on a role!

lets start with me:

name: julia
height: 5'2''
age: 28

i love having my ears rubbed. it makes me so relaxed.

i speak german. i spent 18 months living in eastern germany doing church service.

i love love love to clog. especially to pop/rap and anything with a fast tempo.

i've read gone with the wind every year since 8th grade. (part of the reason we named rhett, rhett)

i can't go a day without a shower. my family calls me "queen hygiene."

my favorite snack is cherrios and a tall glass of chocolate milk. i can put away a gallon in a day.

i pronounce a lot of words wrong. for example i only recently learned it's not flaucet, but faucet. and that it's not ordaments, but ornaments. and don't make me say rhinoceros...i can't.

and bananas make me gag. just thinking about them triggers my gag reflex. blah.

i love mountain biking and I'm so ready to get back into it now that I'm not pregnant and it's not ridiculously hot outside.

i love sweaters. like so much that i keep buying them even though we live in arizona and can maybe wear them 3 weeks out of the year.

name: jake
height: 6'3''
age: 28

he does pretty much all the cooking. and makes a killer steak.

he was valedictorian and prom king in high school. (i'm SO glad he didn't know me in high school. we were not in the same social high school circle)

he loves loves loves to set goals. like right before bed he'll pull out his notebook and want to make lists of ideas and projects.

he has the best laugh. it's like a deep deep chuckle. i think it's what Santa's laugh sounds like.

he wants to write a fantasy novel one day. (slight nerd alert here :))

his favorite app on his i-phone is an astronomy one that shows a different picture everyday of some amazing part of the galaxy.

we wants to play monopoly every week, but i really hate that game. it might be one of the biggest sources of contention in our marriage.

his initials spell jam. (jacob aaron miller)

name: rhett
height: stocky munchkin
age: 3

currently he wears a batman mask 80% of the day.

he loves to dance and does and adorable "booty shake".

if you ask him why he's so cute he says "mom made me cute!" (good boy!)

he is almost a professional at unloading the silverware from the dishwasher.

he loves to ride his red bike and his green skateboard.

he loves to run around in only his socks. #nakiebum

wins the award for worlds pickiest eater. sigh.

name: rad (read more about his name HERE)
height: baby munchkin
age: 8 months

pretty much he loves to stare at himself at the mirror, loves tooth brushes and can pack away rice cereal and sweet potatoes. he adores his big brother, loves to jump in his Johnny Jump up and he has the highest pitched happy squeal ever. he loves when you sing the "itsy bitsy spider." and loves to pull hair. oh and he has the cutest dimples. :)

and he can toot like an old man. seriously, how can such a little guy have so much gas?!

so that's us! welcome to our family! Pin It


  1. Beautiful family! I love that you read "Gone With The Wind" every year! That is so cool!

  2. What a great intro! Your little guys are looking adorable - can't believe Rad is so old already! And it is hilarious that you love to clog - don't think I have ever met anyone who clogs!

  3. What a sweet family. So cute. Love the part about the sweaters. You and my best friend/room mate from BYU should meet. I sweat just thinking about wearing a sweater if it is not below 50 AT LEAST. My brother in law is German, and his son served in Germany too. My sister can speak German fairly well now. I can barely pronounce the word German. I am still mastering the English language :)

  4. We have the same Monopoly "issue" in our husband can only talk me into it once or twice a year...


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I really appreciate all of your thoughts and comments! They bring a smile to my face!