Tuesday, December 17, 2013

taking stock

Making : excellent use of nap time by blogging, watching old Marilyn Monroe movies, eating cereal, repeat.
Cooking : does making chex muddy buddies count? I used a microwave and measuring cups.
Drinking : water like a mother after reading this.
Reading: the Book of Mormon in German again. I've forgotten a lot, but I'm sticking with it!
Wanting: to find the best Christmas present ever for Jake. Just shock the socks off him. All for a whopping $5.
Looking: for a new little black dress. I'm loving this, this, this and this. Suggestions?
Playing: Katy Perry's Unconditionally on repeat. Love that song.
Wasting: tubes of Chapstick. I put them all over the house so that I can always find one and then I never can. I'm like a squirrel.
Wishing: that we could be done with Rad's physical and occupational therapy.
Enjoying: my hair cut. i hacked most of it off. picture coming when I learn to take a not awkward selfie.
Waiting: to get on an airplane in less than 48 hours for my home sweet Kentucky! two weeks at home baby.
Liking: when Rhett introduces me to people we've just met. he looks at them while pointing to me and says, "This is my mom." I belong to him and he's getting the word out.
Wondering: why I found a half eaten graham cracker in our Christmas tree.
Loving: the way Rhett says that everything is "cozy."
Hoping:  that I'm a decent mom. Feeling faily lately.
Marveling: at how handsome our boys are. seriously, how did our genetics work out like that?
Needing: new bed sheets. (we're on our  2nd set and have been married almost 5 years...ugh)
Smelling: the glorious smell of our Christmas tree. #realtreesnob
Wearing: dark wash skinny jeans, light denim shirt and my husband's fuzzy leopard print socks. yes.
Following: a lot of grammers decorating their houses for Christmas.
Noticing: yup, Rad's awake.
Knowing: that Jake is working late tonight.
Thinking: since Jake is working late, the boys should take me on a date...maybe Chick-fil-a. Or Nordstroms. Who am I kidding. Chick-fil-a.
Feeling: Rad playing with my socks. he want's me to hold him.
Bookmarking: knobs for this dang dresser. I'm really not finding anything I like.
Opening: myself to the idea that i should stop trying to do it all.
Giggling: as I watch old home movies.
Feeling: like Rad and I should enjoy the Oreo's in the pantry.

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