Wednesday, April 16, 2014

on repeat

on an daily/hourly/minutely/secondly (not a word, I know) my vocab consists of 50 words. on a generous day 77 words. tops.

just call me DJ Yo Momma because, seriously, I'm pumping out some super sick, super repetitive beats, scratches and wiki wiki action. emphasis on repetitive. 

please no!
please stop whining
where's your shirt?
where are your pants?
why are you nakie?
no, no and no
who wants a sucker?!?!
what time is it?
i love you doodle bug.
stop whining
where's your sippy?
it's gonna be OK.
can you be a big helper?
please share
stop licking your brother!
your transformers are under the couch honey
stop whining
no, NO
that's not a toy
where are the wipes?
let's go outside
rhett come back!
do you want some gold fishies?
no, that's my drink.
the itsy bity spider...
momma needs some privacy.
privacy please!
who played with my make-up?
do you need a new diaper on your bum?
come back here, you need a new diaper on your bum.
don't take your diaper off!
stand up
sit down
lay down
stand up
come here
go over there
no no no no
you have a booger
let me get your booger
don't freak out
calm down
I almost got it
come back I need to get your booger
yes that was the funniest joke ever.
you are so funny.
that joke is still really super funny.
please be gentle
don't push Rad
be careful wrestling your brother!
please be gentle!
do you need a nap?
nap time!
why aren't you napping?
i'm calling your father.
where's my phone Rhett?
oh dear
yes, sloths are my favorite too.
and dolphins.
and doggies.
no we can't buy a brown dog.
gentle, please
you do have big muscles!
who wants a snack?!
hi Rad, those are my eyelashes...
and those are my teeth...
let me check your diaper
why did your draw on your face?
do you want a bath?
who wants bubbles?
don't cry, come snuggle
no, no, no
you can lick Rad, don't lick me
sorry Rad
i love you guys
and always no to playing in the potty

DJ Yo Momma signing out.

wiki wiki.

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  1. Lol, we have a lot of the same rhymes...especially the booger one, doesn't it just drive you crazy when they won't let you get the "boogies?!" My daughter is 18 months.. so fun! :)

  2. I miss those times. Enjoy it while you can!

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