Friday, April 18, 2014

tomorrow's kind of a big deal

some times I get these big ideas and I think about them and type some notes on my phone...which is where they go to die. blurg. good thing nothing living and breathing actually can go on my notes. that would just be too sad.

i wrote this post a few months back introducing one of the few ideas i've ever had that has made it into fruition. (holy progress!) it's called Through a Child's Ears and it's a campaign and pledge to promote speaking kindly to kids and remembering to use words that teach, encourage and love. you can read more HERE in the original post, but for the most part is really is that simple of a campaign.

sometimes I'm afraid that it's too simple. i know that most parents and caregivers (myself included) really, truly believe in this. and maybe this is just me, but as much as i know how important it is to control my words and tone when i'm upset, i mess up. i think about my boys confusion when i’m unbearably impatient or downright snippy. i hear myself apologize for the third time in one morning and i just cringe at how i can't completely erase something hurtful that i've done.

even though it's a simple campaign and idea, I really believe that speaking kindly to our kids is the foundation for all other parenting goals.

sooo...tomorrow I'm setting up shop outside of Walmart to help spread the word. i might just lose my cool, calm and collected exterior that I'm trying to hold together and sob a little.

this is something I feel so crazy strong about and I have a this legitimate fear that someone is going to yell at me and I try to keep my emotions under control, because I want to spare everyone my super ugly crying face. it's truly horrible and Golem-esq.

so if you want to leave a little encouragement or wish on a shooting star or throw a penny in a fountain for tomorrow going smoothly you would make my day. and stay off the ugly crying face and spare humanity that misery. bonus!!

and if you want to go the total extra mile you can click HERE to Like Through A Child's Ears on Facebook.

if you don't like it ... i'll never know. but Santa will. ;)

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  1. If you take yourself seriously, then others will too. Good luck tomorrow!

  2. yay! way to go for something you believe in! i am proud of you!

  3. It may be a simple idea, but it can change lives! Way to go Julia!


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