Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Natural Disasters

Alternate post title: The Miller's and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good Very Bad Morning.

How does the saying go?
What doesn't kill you makes you stronger?
Or is it what doesn't kill you makes you a certifiable nut case?

I think it's the latter.

Or such was the case on Monday morning as I watched a little bit of a horror drama unfold starring: crazy Julia.

After weathering a freak visit from Rhett circa 5am on a Monday morning, treating the offender and dozing parents to a Paw Patrol marathon, lying in bed figuring out how many hours it was till nap time, we eventually conquered sliding out of bed (sixth time's a charm). Jazz hands for us.

I threw the boys into the bathtub/playpen, got them scrubbed and sweet smelling. Rad wanted to get out, got dried off and I decided it was a good time for a bathroom break.

And then Rad decided he wanted to be grounded for life.

I come out of the bathroom to find a box of contacts floating in the tub and 2 opened and empty contact packets(?) floating in the tub sans lenses.

Offender: Rad.

Unphased Observer: Rhett.
Definitely phased: Mom.

And I am the worst at punishment on the fly when I'm feeling emotional about watching money literally go down the drain, so I just held my head and proceeded with clean up.

In the process of cleaning up floating cardboard, Rad snuck his Precious (my mega eyeshadow kit) out of it's drawers and toddled into our room. Enter mom about 30 seconds to late to save the Precious from getting peed on by the toddler that mom forgot to diaper.

We now had a repeat offender.

And a repeat head holder.

The offender was diapered, the boys went downstairs to enjoy some quality children's programming a la PBS, I debated on keeping the eye shadow...I didn't, and then hopped into the shower with a strict admonition to the boys to sit, stay, and eat cereal.

Got dressed.
Went to check the boys.
Was greeted by an overwhelming smell of Febreeze and Rhett rambling about using all of the "poop spray."

The story: good-hearted Rhett decided to try change  Rad's supreme offensive smelling diaper. The diaper, it's owner and it's contents escaped and Rhett extinguished the smell with half a bottle of Febreeze.

Head in hands.

Let's stop there. Yep, that's it. Nothing screams interesting and quality reading like a few Hallmark moments. :) forced smile.

Toe touch.

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