Thursday, October 2, 2014

Rain day

Tardy to the party post. This some how missed getting posted during my brief blog hiatus so here it is. 

I promise I normally don't document every waking moment of our glamorous lives via camera and eventually blog post...OK maybe I do...but! for now there is a need to post about the 3.29 inches for rain we got on Monday (a few Monday's ago).

Don't laugh.

3.29 inches of rain in a desert leads to THIS.

At first we kind of chuckled when we heard that schools were closing. And then we started to worry when Jake couldn't get to work (well one road was closed and the other looked like it might have problems if the rain persisted.) and then when we heard the governor had declared a state of emergency and saw the pictures and learned that people needed to be evacuated we started to worry.

Thankfully our only adventure with the epic rain drops was our backyard flooding and for that we are very very grateful. Rain is so seldom here, that we kind of feel like it justifies a day-cation.

Plus, rain brings out my inner geriatric and all I want to do is nap and look at fireplaces on Pinterest.

So a few pictures.

^^^The large 4 year old does still wear a diaper at night. He's always most, pretty much, always dry but this sleep-o-holic is not great at getting up and changing the sheets, tending to Rad's 4:30 bottle call and being functional the next day. We're trying. Baby steps. 

^^^ Rad sat on the little red fire engine, ate his cold pizza, and stared at the rain. If he could formulate verbal deep thoughts I'm sure he would have had some poetic musings. But all we got was this face.

^^^From his perch he saw a big lake with lots of dad-poles. (Tadpoles) Technically neither of his observations was true, but we didn't fill him in on that.

^^^ I call this 3 picture series "Baby Brother Tries to make a Bossy Coup and Fails."

^^^ Recreating "Noah's Boat."

^^^ Giraffe be like "Flood? Please."

^^^You know that secret garden of mud we have in the backyard? Delightful.

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