Wednesday, November 12, 2014

mission mini van

Does the van make me look like a real mom?

I try to keep tabs on virtually every momentous life event that goes on here at the Miller casa so you should probably know that we recently acquired a family friendly vehicle...a mini van!

The previous mode of transportation was a Honda Accord...wonderful car, but not wonderful for the upcoming third child's arrival AND the 99 tons of nonsense we always NEED to bring in the car, including but not limited to the blanket(s) of the hour and toy(s) of the minute and half the pantry for the famine that will surely hit three minutes into the drive. And then Rhett has to run back in for just one more thing eight more times.

So. We needed a car with space for dayzzz.

We put the little Honda up for sale as we were super super lucky to have crazy interest in it. Like 30 plus people texting and calling my phone. My chihuahua nature was in full swing trying to manage it all and thankfully (so thankfully!!) it sold to the first person who came to look at it. I had a full on Oprah moment when I had to let everyone else who wanted the car know it was sold. I just wanted to stand in our driveway and tell the masses "AND YOU GET A CAR! AND YOU GET A CAR! AND YES, YOU GET A CAR!!!!

The reality is that will only happen if I hand out Matchbox cars to kids. Thumbs up.

After we sold the car we went about a week being a one car family so, you know, an eternity. Finally we figured the details out and I (personally, without Jake) negotiated the deal on the new van. It was such a female power moment knowing that I had worked out a sweet deal and negotiated every last detail. Between Jake and I, I am definitely the more aggressive, don't-take-no-for-an-answer one. And considering that the 2 little people that I spend hours a day with never listen to me, it was a glory moment knowing that someone had listened and done what I wanted. Without a timeout. Sweet success!!

When we pulled up in the new car Rhett exclaimed that it was the car he had always wanted and he loved our new monster truck. We didn't correct him because we know to take our cool points while we can still get them.

So it a nutshell I'm smitten with this inanimate (technically sometimes animate) object. Every time we load up I have to confirm both boys are there before we hit the road, because the increase in space means I feel like I have gobs more personal space. I actually can't always hear the boys nonstop chatter. #praisethevan And the new car has turned Rhett into a gentleman and he is always sure to rush to open the sliding door for me as we approached the van in every parking lot stop. #praisethevanagain

PS. Nothing tops getting the title of suburban mom like turning the car on in the parking lot with all the doors open and have Let It Go blast from the most recent sing along.

PPS. The van is actually maroon not eggplant purple. I really wanted a black one so I could name it the "black momba" (like the black mamba...get it? Punny, I know) but it wasn't in the cards.

Welcome to the family van!    

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  1. I'd say 80% of the van naysayers I knew have now converted. They are just so useful--we've had one for almost five years and those sliding doors are my favorite feature (recently broken and it was an emergency that my husband had to fix RIGHT THEN or else. It's fixed now, thankfully). I have one friend who squeezes her three kids into a tiny car--by choice, not by budget, mind you--and I'm so happy that's not us! Congrats! Enjoy!

  2. I rock a minivan, too. With three kids, it's invaluable.

  3. I have rejoiced knowing that you negotiated a great deal on your own. I am thrilled to think about you and the boys going around the town singing "Let it Go" in a smooth minivan. You are definitely a COOL mom know!!!!!!!!!!! Love you all.


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