Monday, November 3, 2014

the possum and knight do Halloween

Halloween is my third favorite holiday. OK OK....what are there, really only four major holidays (?), so third place isn't really anything special. My reasoning is that clearly Halloween is not as good as Christmas or the 4th of July, but a little bit better than Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is clearly the worst because turkey just isn't good (You disagree? Name one restaurant that serves turkey on a regular basis.) I enjoy Halloween because it’s funny. Everyone has a sense of humor on October 31st. Case in point: if you're an adult and DON'T dress up, you're the weirdo. 

Considering that Halloween is essentially a sugar Mecca and I have a sinful addiction to snack size candy, you'd think that it'd pull a higher rank. And I would totally bump Halloween up on the holiday list if the whole making the costumes thing came easier to me. 

Way back in September on the way to preschool Rhett announced that he wanted to be a possum for Halloween. My first thought wasn't "Hmmm that's a strange request." because Rhett is always pretending to be uncommon marsupials , but rather I thought "How in the big wide world can I make a possum??" 

After trying to read Rad's mind and one word sentences, I came to the conclusion that he had .0002 opinions on what he dress up as. However, I knew anything with a sword would be a big hit so we went with knight. Because I'm (not) craftay it only took a full 5 weeks to get the boys costumes assembled. A large part of that 5 weeks was spent researching possums, but either way it makes me feel justified in taking a parental tax of 40% on their candy stash. 

I'd say trick-or-treating was 65% successful. Of the 2 dozen houses we hit Rhett successfully convinced almost everyone that he was a possum and not a mouse. 

At the door:
Rhett: Trick-or-treat!!
Man at door: Oh look at the pirate (Rhett's friend) and the mouse!
Rhett: I'm not a mouse I'm a POSSUM. They like to play dead. Like this. (Demonstration.)

For some reason he was in a funk at the very beginning of trick or treating because he had it in his head that it wasn't "real trick or treating" but once the candy started dropping in the bucket he was a-ok. 

Rad's stranger danger combined with his wariness of blow up lawn decorations meant that the first 8ish houses were met with screaming and back arching. But then big brother Rhett stepped in and showed him the trick-or-treating ropes. Rad's understanding of the entire process eventually matured and he carried his bucket-o-treats to the stoop of each home, yelled hi, bye, thank you and please in whatever order pleased him. And he only tried to steal one lawn decoration, a gravestone that we caught him trying to shove into his treat bucket. Klepto.

Post trick or treating we sorted the loot and watched Hotel Transylvania. Rhett was moderately interested in eating his candy, but Rad was all about the 2 dum dums and mini crunch bar we let him eat. And clearly that was one dum dum too many because a sugar rush hit him like a ton of confectionary goodness and he was like a cat on catnip. Spinning, rolling, leg flailing, yes, yes and yes. A video of his high? Oh yes, of course we have that. 

I think documenting the boys Halloween earns me a mini Twix. :)

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