Friday, March 6, 2015


Where were we? Ah yes ...our vaca recap continued. The best. I'll go ahead and make this easy for everyone...lettered bullet points coming right up.

A.  We left off with all the snow.

There's only so much fun native, sun loving boys can have in the stuff.  I've mentioned before that Rhett especially needs to get outside or he starts to go a little crazy (like most 4-year-old boys, I'd imagine) and projects his crazy onto everyone else, namely Rad.

and by 10:12 in the am...welcome to the nuthouse. So! 

B. Thank goodness for indoor outlets.

Motivational speaker/drill Sargent Rhett were Rad's sponsors for the trek up the slopes. He punched his big brother card multiple times as he guided Rad up, over and down and it warmed our parental hearts. 

Rad had impressive jumping skills till it came time to actually jump into the foam pit. But he was the most enthusiastic, feet first, slider there ever was.

C. The reason for the trip was to welcome home the best, littlest brother in my family, William, from his 2 year LDS mission in Berlin Germany.  

If you're not familiar with LDS missions, for young men they last for 2 years and for young women they last for 18 months. For all missionaries there is limited contact with their families, just a phone call on Christmas and Mother's Day and weekly emails. So for William he had never met Rad, not that you could tell, Rad's motto is "I just met you and I love you." So last time William saw me I was pregnant and now I've pregnant again. Could we be anymore Mormon? ;) So a homecoming is kind of a big deal for a missionaries family. 

And for our family this was especially special because William is the last of my parents kids to serve, making us 6 for 6 on serving. 

From left to right, my dad  served in Nagoya Japan in 1978, my mom in Rio de Janiero Brazil in 1981, my brother John served in Johannesburg South Africa in 2005, I served in Frankfurt Germany in 2006, my sister Jane in Belgium Brussels-Netherlands in 2010, and William rounding us out with Berlin Germany in 2013....six Holbeins, six LDS missions. 

Boom baby. :) 

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