Thursday, September 10, 2015

golden boy

Happiest of 30th (!!!!) birthdays to Jake!!! I don't know how he manages to work the craziest hours and come home to the craziest kids driving their crazy mom even crazier than her usual baseline of crazy all while not going crazy himself but...he does. And he now has a few manly new gray hairs to prove it. ;)

Or HERE because technology doesn't always love birthday videos. Every party has a pooper.

You can't count on much around here but you can generally count on a nice birthday sleep-in (10:30 no less!) and a 38,000 calorie balanced birthday breakfast in the form of a doughnut cake, handmade birthday signs and only light kid duty...well as light as it can be around here. (check, check, check and check).

^^^ One of our posterity is going through a bit of a narcism phase. Any guesses which budding self portrait artist it might be?  

^^^ Another young Miller is going through a minimalist phase. Everyone gets one streamer and one streamer only.

Ever the saint, Jake didn't bat an eye at the hot pink gift bag (thank you for being the chillest and I'm sorry for that birthday boy) that got used over and over to give him his fancy birthday swag: nose hair trimmers, black socks, a Enduracool cooling cloth, Whoopers, Pistachios and a 2 liter of Sierra Mist (non diet so it was kind of a big deal).

His biggest gift was two long date nights in a row. Good wife points won by the ton.

I may not have many or any talents but I am pretty skilled at texting sitters and asking if they are free to watch our docile pack of kittens. We've been so fortunate to find some truly amazing sitters here over the years. Jake and I try to go out on "dates" (I read somewhere that calling married dates, "date nights" is annoying? I don't know) because we are selfish and enjoy spending time alone away from the kids when schedules and finances allow. We just aren't good about doing in-home "date nights" (sorry for those of you cringing as those words grate against your brain) and I'm a real pro at falling asleep seven minutes after we put the kids down! Out of the house it was.

^^^ Which makes us look more sophisticated? The pic in front of the garage or in the middle of the street? I'm leaning toward garage door because I'm maintaining a pretty decent Ms. America arm.

Friday night (Jake's actual birthday) included my mother hen coming out and insisting on taking Beck (a few of those Good Wife points lost), forgetting the diaper bag and taking Beck back home to be in the capable hands of the sitter, changing plans and scarfing down In-N-Out and neurotically rushing to get seats (forgetting that the movie came out quite awhile ago) see Mission Impossible.

A quick Facebook check #canyoufeelthelovetonight pointed out that Jake also shares a birthday with Beyonce apparently. Which explains a few fun Jake quirks. Ha. ;) Seeing her fun hashtag #beyday made my witty hashtag ideas come up with #baeday to add to our birthday pics. And of course this lead to our usual deep conversations about things like how to pronounce "bae" which I looked up (it's pronounced, "bay" in case you're part of the .02% of the population that wasn't aware) which made us curious about the exact definition (apparently it's an acronym for, "before anyone else") and found this fun bit of trivia...

Things you learn when you're 30.

Saturday we went out with our amigos Tyrell and Jake to use some birthday gift cards from my parents to Cheesecake factory.

The waiter on the far right is quite the birthday enthusiast.

Happy Birthday birthday boy!! Or shall we say...birthday man.


Your Very Favorite Family

PS: In case you caught on, yes I am 9 months older than Jake. I like to tell him that "he'll understand in 9 months" or to "respect his elders. " I find it humorous. Jake rolls his eyes. He'll get the humor in 9 months I'm sure. ;)


In case there was any doubt what the boys will look like in 12ish years. Our genetics are nothing if not consistent. 
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  1. I love you and your witticism and miss you and Jake just so much! Happy Birthday to the man!

  2. Thirty!? Holy cripes, you guys are kids!!!!! Date night at our house is rare, but it ROCKS when it happens.

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