Tuesday, September 8, 2015

spirit fingers

I know most of the US of A is starting school this week but we're knee deep in a Kindergarten love fest round here. 

- We've amassed a collection of masterpiece art projects.

- Rhett randomly yells out any sight words he's learned when he sees them. Including the word "the" on a billboard breast enlargements for a local plastic surgery office. 

- His teacher informed me that he often puts himself on yellow, (think behavior chart with green/yellow/red cards) unprompted, when he thinks he behavior isn't up to par. She complimented me on teaching him responsibility at home and I awkwardly laughed because I'm 99.9% sure I haven't done a stellar job at that. So go Rhett. 

- And we donned our spirit fingers for the schools spirit week. AKA the JV version/precursor of Halloween.

^^^ Monday was Merica' Monday. Rhett wore his bronze medal he got in tumbling and if he new who Ryan Phelps was, Rhett would tell you he was kind of a bigger deal. Because that bronze medal has completely gone to his head. You'd be amazed at how many places a 5 year old wants to wear one.

 ^^^ Tourist Tuesday. Ever marching to the beat of his own drum, Rhett wanted to be the pilot that took everyone on vacation...not the tourist. Actually. He wanted to be the pet possum that someone took on vacation, but the possum costume was a shedding nightmare so it got donated to a better cause. So pilot it was. And Rhett the pilot strongly endorses inflight movies and extra Sprite for everyone.

^^^ Wacky hair Wednesday. Bad parenting means that Rhett's pillowcase is now tinted blue-ish green because we forgot to wash it out before bedtime. Let's consider it a souvenir of the day.

 ^^^ Throwback Thursday. And color me totally shocked that the tie dye actually turned out.
I was thrilled that the kit came with detailed instructions but gave enough creative freedom that if we/they messed up a bit .... eh. No big dill. The boys were so thrilled that they forgot to look at the camera for 95% of the pictures.

Kindergarten is Rhett's favorite.
Which means it's my favorite.
Kindergarten forever and ever. Amen. Pin It


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