Friday, August 1, 2014

Girl gone Kentucky

...vacation posts continuing. I tend to barely skim vacation recap posts so why I am writing this mega post is beyond me. I really should examine my conscience here. But! This is the last one for a few minutes. I promise.

It is truly one of my life's great tragedies that my family lives so far apart from each other. Hopefully they'll be some weird quake shift of the States soon and Arizona and the east coast will be sudden and friendly neighbors.

But until then we'll just settle for going over the river and six states to get to grandma's house.


Oh and many thanks to whichever child threw the toilet bowl cleaner handle into the suitcase.
Way to be a team player.

The last of the incongruous vacation photos. Promise.

When we got off the plane and out to the car Rhett proclaimed that the 70 degree Kentucky weather was "freezing." Granted that's a whole 40 degrees cooler than AZ but Jake and I felt that 70 degrees is what God set's his thermostat at. It was heavenly.  

Rhett was SO excited to see "grampa and grampa" and understood their house and their house alone to be all of Kentucky. He also almost jumped out of his little body waiting for "knuckle" (uncle) John and Andrew to get there and Jane (the self proclaimed favorite extended family member). Rad sought to destroy everything at his eye level and learned how to woof when he was chasing the dog/pretending to be a dog. Well...if "ooooofff" counts and this mama bear is counting it. 

And Rad LOVED my parents and siblings. He ran right into their arms which is something he doesn't do to anyone even if he's suffered a life threatening injury like a paper cut. So to say it nice to not be the source of all cuddles and lap sitting would be 100% truth. Maybe the grandparent's would be be interested in running a little summer camp for toddlers? Wink.

My family was overgenerous with their kid watching efforts and hours. Jake and I were spoiled with kidless dining and movie watching (SO NICE!) and being allowed to sleep in and afternoon siestas. Rhett was so sad to leave the land of endless Swedish Fish, unlimited positive attention, and my parent's dog, Rosie, that ran at the very sight of his eager eyes. And Rad is going to miss Rosie who also sprinted at the very thought of his eagerer eyes, bow legged run, and grubby grabby paws.

We were so sad to leave but so grateful that our sanity had had a long enough vacation and for my parents letting us invade their home. Winks for dayzzzz. ;) 

Oh and a few video of "knuckle" John and Rad. Warm fuzzies abounding. 

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