Monday, August 11, 2014

weekend-y things

Once upon a time before Jake and I became parents and were still in school wearing our cute (ironed no less!) clothes and "working" downright delightful hours (why why why I did not appreciate those years then...I'll forever be kicking myself) I would look at our friends who had children and would have a hard time believing that their weekends weren't as relaxing or fun as ours were. I also thought it was a little melodramatic when one couple called a weekend in which they and their spouse got to go on a date a "golden weekend." Don't worry, the truth has set me free and shown me the error in my former judgments. Golden weekend? Let's try platinum, diamond encrusted, dunked in a half priced Sonic shake weekend -that might start to cover the awesome that is a weekend that we get to enjoy family naps, date night and where everyone is truly (or faking) being happy, content and not bored.

And low and behold this past weekend we had a really dang-good-not-quite-golden-weekend and I feel like I should probably at least touch on the these nice times lest you think it's all doom, gloom, and stew like an angry bird around here.

So let's share some grainy evidence of our weekend.

- We went on some walks.

- All the Miller's not named Julia got haircuts.

- Rad slammed his finger in the door to the upstairs (and there was blood so I ran away) and Jake convinced me that he had severed her finger off completely (not funny then, not funny now).

- On the plus side of the finger event, Rad slept 7 hours during the day and still managed to sleep 7 hours plus during the night.  I resolved to not to put much stock into that ever happening again much less on a weekend.

- And one more about Rad (possibly favorite child of the weekend according to this list) organized the fridge.

- We endured some minutes in the Target toy aisle.

- We deep cleaned the cars. Rad's eyes didn't relax for an hour afterward. Neither did mine. I heart me a clean car.

- We inhaled allllll of the delicious cookies made by elves who live in a tree and go by the name of Keebler in one family sitting.

- We went to the gym. Twice. (Curse those cookies!) For approximately 19 minutes and almost suffered a painful death by mortification. Twice.

- Rhett scaled 3 and 3/4 feet of indoor rock wall. Because 4 feet was too high for Sir Brave-a-lot.

 - Jake played football and soccer with Davy Crocket.

- The notorious R.H.E.T.T learned the art of duck lips while waiting for his milk shake at Sonic.

- I got a girl's night too complete with shoving 4 Texas Road House rolls in my mouth. One at a time of course, I am nothing if not a classy lady.

- Jake got a boy's night and saw Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. He even managed to sneak all his candy in sans my purse. (Don't tell him, but he looked a little bottom heavy and made a subtle crinkle when he walked.)

- And I wore my wedding dress at church with my fellow YW leaders because the lesson was on temple marriage. Go big, go home, or look ridiculous while trying. (Me being the ridiculous looking one. Not the other beauties next to me.)

And we did lots of other things that I won't list in case you've got something urgent to go do. And I really hope you do. :) 
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