Monday, August 31, 2015

a modern take on polka dots: a dresser reveal

As Rad would say "Wook!"

And as Rhett would tell you "Don't touch it!"

Check it. A new refinishing project.  

Sporadic is my middle name with refinishing. But with Rhett in kindergarten and Beck and Rad gifting me the glory of an overlapping nap if the afternoon, I have a little extra time a few days a week for projects. :)

I failed miserably at getting a before photo but it was a Pepto Bismol pink beauty complete with 1960 flower decals. All the thumbs up emojis for that.

But now! Now it's a crisp bright white beauty with a modern twist on traditional polka dots.  

Details? Say please. ;)

White paint: Sherwin Williams Pure White
Mint: Americana Acrylic paint in Sweet Mint
Glass blown knobs: Hobby Lobby
Wood decals: Hobby Lobby

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  1. oh i love this, julia! so fun!!!! the colors are perfect for it, too!


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