Monday, August 17, 2015


Where's my denture glue and my orthotic walking shoes and my little black book of clichés? How do we have a five-year-old? Well, we do. And I'll spare you the old, "time flies ... I can't believe it" essay but it does and I can't. Five years of letting him play guinea pig as we fumble around the parenting sphere and try to figure everything all out while making zero mistakes. ;)

He pretty much outshines all of us in all important arenas of la vida including but not limited to: dancing, meticulous animal knowledge, cool tricks, brotherly wrestling, Asian documentary watching (Power Rangers), hug giving, confidence having, being kind to others and making friends with anything with a heartbeat.

What else can I gush about? Maybe 5 big accomplishments of Rhett's 4th year?

1. He started gymnastics/tumbling. He's always been athletic (read: bounces of walls) so tumbling seemed like a great fit. And so far it has been.

2. He loves to bear his testimony every first Sunday on the month. He still likes us to come up with him, but he comes up with what he says on his own. He really has a sweet spirit and love for Christ.

3. He has fully embraced his role as big brother with Beck's arrival. I don't know how birth order is assigned but Rhett was made to be a big brother. He dotes on Beck, helps bathe him, change his diaper (ie take his diaper off and walk away leaving Beck to his own bodily function devices), sings to him and makes him smile so big. (Really, watch this...Beck's face. Totes adorbs.) Rhett lets Rad be his shadow, always gives him a hug and kiss when he gets out of the van at Kindergarten drop off, and has been the biggest influence in helping Rad increase his vocabulary. At the kitchen table the other day I overheard Rhett sounding out "eraser" and Rad parroting him.

4. If every food came in the form of a french fry or if french fries were ultra fortified then Rhett would be set for life. Rhett has a rather high anxiety when it comes to trying new food and this year we have been working on just taking one bite of new options. It might seem small and silly but he has come so far with his eating habits.

5. And lastly, one of the most important life decisions, "who should you marry?" Rhett has already check off his list. He's firmly declared that this lovely lady is his future bride. Miss. Becky G. She sings this song which is Rhett's jam. As the future MIL I am very very excited about this. Very.  

And before we move onto the par-tay portion of the post, a little video tribute like we like to do. This time around we decided to do a montage of home video of Rhett's many moons.

(No one is even kind of expected to view except for the grands and great grands... )

(Click here if the clip above is dumb and malfunctiony)

On to the fiesta.

Birthday parties are not my forte and I have mad admiration for moms/dads/anyones that can throw down in the kid birthday department because...I am lacking. I honestly can't figure out how to decorate/feed/entertainment coordinate/photograph the whole sheebang on my own so as to quote Rhett's preschool teacher "You get what you get and you don't throw a fit."

Per request we hosted a Darth Vader Water Party.

^^^Invitation by Jake's mad skill set.


Well, fine.

Just don't all pin it at once.

^^^In case it's not clear, this is Han Solo frozen in Carbonite. (Not to be confused with kryptonite...ahem...Julia...)

He had a great day (I think...he didn't say otherwise and he asked if it could please be his birthday the next day too) and I know you're wanting a better glimpse into the appearance of Darth Vader.


If you think this was only a highlight for the 5 year old crowd, think again. Jake was in his fatherhood element and I'm super grateful he stepped in and it wasn't me. (I can hear your chortles through my screen at the mere thought.)

High fives to you Rhett...we sure do love you. :)

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  1. Awesome party! Looks like everyone had fun!

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