Wednesday, August 5, 2015

this is two

Two minutes in the life of

a two year old..and his beloved ladle.

Julia: Can you say good morning?
Rad: No.

Julia: Can I change your diaper?
Rad: No.

Julia: Can you tell me what you want for breakfast?
Rad: No.

Julia: Can you give me a kiss?
Rad: No.

Julia: Can you say hi to Beck?
Rad: No.

Julia: Do you want to color?
Rad: No.

Julia: Do you want to do bubbles in the bath tub?
Rad: No. 

Julia: Can you tell me what you want to do?
Rad: No.

Julia: Can you say no?
Rad: ...silence...

This is two.

And this is fun.

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  1. Three sucks hard. So, so hard.

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