meet the tribe

Welcome to the life we like to pretend is exciting enough to document day after day after day. 

J to the K. 

Kind of. 

But really. Welcome! 

I'm Julia and this is my blog. 

This is the subject of said blog. 

Are you ready for the meet and greet?

Let's go. 

Rhett: Tests his limits every minute of every day. He is very skilled at getting himself on top of any surface he's not supposed to be on (top of the counters, the fridge, the van) and bringing Rad along for the joyride. However, it's not all doom and gloom with our eldest...he pretty much outshines all of us in all important arenas of la vida including but not limited to: dancing, meticulous animal knowledge, cool tricks, brotherly wrestling, Asian documentary watching (Power Rangers), hug giving, confidence having, being kind to others and making friends with anything with a heartbeat.

Being six brings two highly anticipated rights of passage in Rhett's eyes: eagerly awaiting the first loose tooth and the growing of a mustache. If anyone remember's how Rhett used to draw chest hair on himself then growing a mustache at age six seems like something right up his alley. When he sees men with actual mustaches, Rhett like's to talk shop with them about the ins and outs of life with a hairy upper lip. He even offers to let the strangers touch his "mustache" because generosity is his middle name.

He takes his role of being the oldest very seriously. An often overheard request is when he commands his younger brothers to call him "Uncle Rhett." He totes Beck around and helps keep Rad in place by stealing Rad's "powers" when he does something Rhett doesn't denote as cool. Rad gets especially upset when Rhett steals his "blue power." Now that Rhett's in first grade and gone during the day, Rad sometimes walks around the house whispering "my blue power. all miiiiinnnneee!" Brotherly love at it's purest.

He narrates everything, asks absolutely the most random questions (Mom? Does Jesus have boogers? Does he like that I don't eat my boogers? Why did God make all these boogers??) he hoards everything he find as his treasure, and is our budding little body builder who takes great pride in working out daily to Youtube Zumba and Richard Simons workout videos. This one is his favorite. He loves BBQ chips and asks us how to s-p-e-l-l every word under the s-u-n. He is a really into researching theme parks and will not rest until we agree to take him to heaven/Legoland.

Rad (His name draws absolutely no quizzical looks from strangers): Tests his limits every minute of every day. He calls me "honey" and himself Raddie.

Rad is super athletic / spastic and watching him jump and around always is quality entertainment. He's uber devoted to working on his "ninja tricks" on the trampoline. His ninja tricks are always like well planned mini seizures where he clearly has a trick in his mind, but the execution of it eludes him. It's heartwarming.

Rad and Rhett are really into playing Frisbee with each other. Except Rad calls it, "Frow-dee" (rhymes with "grotty" - beats out all words for being the worst word ever) and I have to tell Rad to "throw harder" because he's lucky to get it one foot in front of his person and I have to tell Rhett to "throw softer and not aim for his face... " because he's one throw away from popping his eye right out of the sock.  So I guess you could say I'm really into it too. When do they start quietly playing Monopoly? When Rad turns four? Good.

Rad's speech has come sooooo far in the past 6-9 months. You can cary a conversation with him (conversation should be loosely interpreted here...he jumps from epic tangent to tangent like a flying squirrel.) but his pronunciation and clarity are sometimes lost in translation.

No matter how many times I correct him...

Julia: Have you seen my flip flops?
Rad: Hmmm nope! I not seen your clip clops.


Rad: I'm choking.
Julia: No, you're not.
Rad: Yes, I am. I'm choking. Why aren't you laughing?
Rad: Isn't it so funny?
Julia: Oh, joking? Yes, yes, hilarious.
Rad: I know. Choking is my favorite.

My Little Ponies, zoo animals, fort building and ninja battles are the biggest games of the moment. If we let him he would prefer to watch shows all day - this is an unfortunate not exaggeration.

Speaking of My Little Ponies, Rad often refers to himself as "Rainbow Dash" and he calls me "Twilight Sparkle." He really stays in character and demands that I do the same...including prancing in public, exuberantly yelling that stars and glitter are coming off our backsides and having friends and strangers also address us as Rainbow Dash and Twilight Sparkle. I swear this is in no way an exaggeration.

What else should be immortalized about Rad? He sneaks out to pee in the front yard, but then runs in and boldly shares his misdemeanor. He still loves to be naked and stashes his clothes in various hiding spots so that I can't make him put them back them on. After a bad experience with a super heated chicken nugget, he cautiously blows on all his food...popsicles included.

Beck (Beckett): Beck is often kind of a hot mess. If I had the time (fine! I have that), the strength, and the energy to bathe him after every meal (5 or 6 daily) I really should because he struts away from that high chair wearing a whoooooole lot of leftovers.

He's become a bit of a terror. He introduced us to his hilarious ear ripping shrieking and he stomps around wailing and shaking his head furiously when he doesn't get to carry the Windex around the house. I can't take him outside unless I'm in the mood to sprint because he puts chin to his chest and takes off down the street at an impressive pace for a boy with legs as bowlegged as a cowboy after 89 days on a horse. He's a runner and you makes me look like a very negligent mother out in public.

Despite your reign of terror, you keep us on your toes with some super sweet moves. For example, I can count on one finger the number of times your older brothers have voluntarily given me a snuggle but you're a snuggler. Sometimes your hugs come complete with a little shoulder bite that draws blood but I'm sure you mean well. As I'm sure you also mean with your affectionate head butts, slobbery mauling kisses and flirty waves.

He can hold his own at home with the boys during the day but have yet to grow out of his stranger-danger fears and are a real delight to take out in public.

If Beck isn't following me, he's following Ben. Truly we're unsure if Ben realizes Beck's not a fellow canine and for all the wrestling and growling the two exchange we think Beck might believe he's part puppy too. He sneak feeds Ben his chicken nuggets that I slaved over by way of 34 seconds in front of the microwave or your graham crackers that I took the time to gingerly break into quarters. I don't mind. Much. Except for when I see how much Beck loves to snack on dog food and wash it down with some healthy gulps of dog water. I know it really isn't any of my business and doesn't affect my life really, but I still think it's pretty gross. Nothing personal honey...and maybe one day you'll think it's a little gross too. Maybe.

Beck's favorite activity is scurrying off to a corner with his bottle, holding it upside down, and watching all the contents drip out. I like to think your intense eyebrow furrowing means he is already decoding the mysteries of gravity, but it's probably that his ears are perked for me to catch him in his favorite illegal act.

But enough about the children. Back to the importants.

Jake and Julia: Met at BYU in 2007. To woo Julia, Jake sewed an anteater after she kept rejecting his dates and challenged him with needing an anteater to go out with him. They married in 2008 and live very happily together because Jake is a saint and Julia just got super lucky in marrying him.

Enough? I'm happy to go into exciting detail surrounding Rad's potty training triumphs and failures or maybe a little writeup on our bedtime routine orrrrr a breakdown of the 3500 calories Rhett consumes on the daily?

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