Friday, June 29, 2012


Rhett somehow managed to take these pictures on a recent trip to Joann's.

I love little moment he captured.



With by little guy.

Buying fabric.

Simple, but good. :)
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  1. Cheers to all those happy, simple things! Great start to the weekend!

  2. I love that! My little guy (who is now nine) was always capturing cute photos with cut off parts and funny angles too. So much fun!!

  3. Every your smile is cute Julia!
    Stacey :o)

  4. Always good stuff. And, he did an excellent job doing some artistic cropping!

  5. Lovely. Life is about these moments.

  6. So cute, truly this is one of your happy places!

  7. Love that your son's name is Rhett! My son is Everett (Rhetty for short). Your work is amazing...I have been admiring it first when being introduced to you through Stacy's blog. Just finally read your story and I have to say you make me smile! :) I'm sorry you had to go through all that after the birth of your son but am so happy for you that you have used the experience to grow your family. Hugs. While I in no ways had PPD I will say that after each of my children (3 and 1) I went through a period of blah...don't know how else to explain it...I loved my children, loved every minute with them....but felt like ME no longer existed. That was the main catalyst for me to start my blog and start refinishing and taking time for crafting and thrifting. I needed to have something for me...bonus! My husband is super involved in the whole process too and we have loved doing this together! God is good!

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