Friday, January 25, 2013

Baby's Dresser Dilemma

I swear indecisiveness is a side effect of pregnancy. 

I've gone back and forth a ridiculous amount of times with how I want this little guys room to turn out. 

But we've finally ordered and bought a few things, forcing us to make decisions.

The last "decision" is how to refinish the dresser. 

We bought this one from IKEA and we've stained it with Minwax Gel Stain in Hickory.

I bought these knobs from Anthropolgie (in lime) and we've ordered this rug from Urban Outfitters (in the redish-orange color). 

I'm not designing his room around a theme per say, but more the use of geometric patters, shapes and clean lines.

I promise it makes sense in my head. :)

 So this is where I need your help! 

I've narrowed it down to 2 ideas for his dresser. 

Option 1:

Keeping it simple and bordering the edges of the drawers with a basic white boarder.

Option 2:

Doing some kind of arrow on the drawer fronts.

My inspiration is from this wall/blanket.

So either I could do a literal arrow or something more like my inspiration pic and my sketch below. 


What would you do, option 1 or 2 or neither?

Feel free to offer suggestions!

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  1. I like the non-literal arrow in the inspiration blanket. I think I would alternate the blacks and whites to pick up on the herringbone in the rug, if that makes sense? Blacks meet whites on the other side and visa versa.

  2. I'd opt for the plain option 1. That way it can grow with him in case it wouldn't go with his big boy room. I do like the arrows though - maybe a framed painting? No matter what it will look great though!

  3. I would go with the arrows from the wall/blanket. Very unique and boyish but in a non traditional way! I absolutely love it and I think its perfect!

  4. I vote for option 1, I think it would grow with him well. I do love the arrow design and your inspiration, so I would still incorporate that in his room somehow. :)

  5. i like option one- i like it simple better. BUT if you really want the arrows i think a grouping of 3 in a vertical manner would look cool and break up the length of the dresser.

  6. I would pick option 1. But I'm sure option 2 would turn out cool too. ... Always so much easier to pick for someone else. Currently experiencing extreme decorating paralysis around here - way too many ideas spinning.

  7. I think I like the plain option because I am afraid that the dresser would be too busy next to the rug. BUT, maybe you can introduce the cool arrow motif on a pillow or something else in the room? Love those green knobs!

  8. I'm a plain white border type of gal too.


  9. I like the design, and I think it will look super cute with the rug. And if you dont like it in a few years it should be easy enough to cover.

  10. i would go plain and add in the arrows in art or pillows. Super cute!!

  11. Simple One looks more attractive and you can color in white or black it will look so impressive :) office furniture in Dubai

  12. Definitely go with the arrows! Great idea. If he grows out of it you can just paint over it then. It will add some great detail to the room.

  13. The mobiliario diseño you have there is really cute. I actually sketched the design of my room and slowly added to it when I would have the money to pay for it.

  14. Congratulations in your bundle of Joy!

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I really appreciate all of your thoughts and comments! They bring a smile to my face!