Thursday, December 19, 2013

Santa Strawberry Hats and Reindeer Cookies (SO easy!)

Probably one of my favorite things about the holiday seasons are all the Christmas parties. 

For me, it's the more the better. 

Ugly sweater parties

White elephant parties

Coco bar parties

Love em all.

But usually by party number 3 I realize that my grocery/party food budget is close to maxed out and I need to get a little creative in the kitchen. 

This past week I was in charge of Rhett's preschool snack, and my budget was almost nothing but I wanted something cute. 

Enter the Strawberry Santa Hats!

So I'm 99% sure this is an original idea, I haven't seen it on Pinterest or else where, but you never know. 

It's pretty straight forward.

Cute right?!

And who doesn't love a strawberry dipped in something sweet?

Along with the Strawberry Santa Hats for Rhett's preschool, we made Rudolph cookies inspired by the wonderful Desiree over at the 36th Avenue

Also, super duper simple. 

(Another major plus around the holidays!) 

Happy holiday snacking!!

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