Wednesday, February 19, 2014

the line

the line: "soak up every moment!"

oh I do. this moment was super soaked up.

the line: "time goes by so fast!"

you bet it does. as fast (read, long) as this whine-fest lasted. and I have 20ish pictures to prove it.

the line: "big kids are harder ... I miss when they were little." 

cricket cricket...  

rad is going through the terrible twos a year early and rhett is going through them a year late, so if you do the math that means they are both buckets of joy and boyish charm. it also means around 2PM I'm about start experiencing premature female pattern baldness. 

so, if anyone has any  babies with emotional issues you can go ahead and send them my way because we've got that locked up nice and tight around these parts.

in the mean time I'll just be brave and hide and eat all the Lucky Charms marshmallows with the best of them.

come on little man, be rad, not sad.

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  1. I don't know which would be worse, both at once, or the tag team approach to the "t-2's"! At any rate, chocolate also helps a lot!


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