Thursday, November 6, 2014

so much to say, so little time

Out of the blue:

Rhett: (sniffs me) Wow.
Julia: What?
Rhett: You smell like doughnuts and cereal.
Rhett: It's magical.

Sitting by the pile of shoes:

Rhett: There's something on my shoe.
Rhett: It smells fruit.
Rhett: It must be from an angel.
(It was chewed gum.) 

Said at least once a day:

Rhett: I have chest hair because I'm a person. (Self tattooed every time it washes off.)

Watching me clean the toilet:

Rhett: Holy cow!
Rhett: That's one fancy toilet your making!
Rhett: I never knew a toilet could be so fancy. 

Trying to teach him the name of our church:

Jake: It's the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Can you say that?
Rhett: The Church of Jesus Christ of the Last Salmon. 
Rhett:'s no big deal dad. 

Same conversation about church stuff:

Jake: We have 12 apostles. 
Rhett: We have 12 a-possums. 
Jake: Apostles.
Rhett: A-possums.

Talking into my the baby:

Rhett: Hey you in there.
Rhett: This is Rhett.
Rhett: You better be a boy.  

After cleaning up a full box of fruit loops that was dumped on the floor and I was having a bit of a cow:

Rhett: You know what, Mom?
Julia: What?
Rhett: I think you're going to survive. 

Catching a wiff of a tell-tale sign that it might be time for a over due potty break: 

Julia: Rhett, do you need to use the bathroom?
Rhett: (matter-of-factly with a shrug) No, it's just gas.
Julia: OK.
Rhett: I'm sorry if it smells offensive.

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  1. Are you old enough to remember Art Linkletter? I'm afraid he was back in the black & white TV days. When he'd interview children?
    Rhett belongs on that show.
    I'm still laughing!

    1. I know the show (Kid's Say The Darndest Things right?) but I've never seen it. But I'd be afraid of what he might say!! Family secrets...;)

  2. Rhett is a doll! Oh my goodness. This is the best!! Haha. I absolutely love it.

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