Tuesday, May 5, 2015

boxwood green dresser rehab

I'm celebrating being finished with the first 7 weeks of a big, fat, time consuming, and slightly stressful work of having a newborn at home (!!!!!!!!!! yay) with a little postpartum nesting in the garage with a paint brush.

I tried MMS tip of using Vaseline as a resist to get an extra chippy finish and it worked like a charm. I highly recommend it. :)

This dresser sold to a sweet bride who wanted to use it as a sign in table at her citrus colored themed wedding.

Cute right??

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  1. Big congrats to you guys!! And welcome to the world, Beck! I'm a little behind on the news, but just read your last few posts and you know what I think? I think you are an awesome, loving, funny and strong female and thanks for sharing all your wonderfulness here for us to read...albeit spasmodically read by me ;-)
    And btw...nice job on the dresser too! Lucky bride :-)

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