Tuesday, August 25, 2015

currently, conversations & confessions

Chugging right along here. Lest I forget the lifestyles of the rich and famous day to day scenarios we have the enjoyment of having...I'll pound it out here...annoying mom style. Toe touch.

The creative title of this post gives you the general direction of the post so let's start with currently.

Sinful, sinful weather.

My threshold for caring if complaining about the interminable heatwave is boring, annoying, cliche, annoying, eye rolly, or old news is at a big fat zero because this is beyond depressing.

I'm going to take a wild guess that Mother Nature must've never been cooped up in a cabin with a Rhett and a Rad because if she had she never ever would've punished us earth dwellers with a little bit of hell blazing in the backyard.

I've mentioned before that Rhett especially needs to get outside or he starts to go a little crazy (like most 5-year-old boys, I'd imagine) and projects his crazy onto everyone else, ahem Rad, and by 10:12 in the AM...welcome to the nuthouse.

Thankfully by 10:12 in the AM we are only 20 minutes out from leaving for kindergarten so Rhett can be with his people for the afternoon. But that leaves me, Beck and Rad to entertain ourselves.

The splash pad is an oasis for one of the musketeers.  For the one know as mom, she's a trooper and grinned and bore it while poor Beck was boiling in his own sweat. I think we lasted 34 minutes of periodically drenching Beck's head to keep his him cool and risking a meltdown by popping his feet in the fountains.

These were taken presplash pad...the gold old days for Beck's 3 minute memory span.

There is exactly 1 indoor play place near our house, and the parks aren't tiny human friendly when the sun is out, so we go to that one special place often. Very often. Rad has a little pre-waffle fry consuming ritual...he first ceremoniously counts them, then tenderly sings to them and lines them up. Mess with the ritual, mess with danger. You've been warned.

The land of the luxuriously large carts. Ahhh. 

With the heat, I've been stretching my errands out to have somewhere to go daily to at least get us out of the house. And I must say I make errand running pretty fun. Letting Rad push the Constatoga (Oregon Trail reference anyone?) is a favorite treat of his and that fancy head piece he's wearing....two produce bags knotted together to make a Ninja warrior headband to accompany his ninja kicks and sound effects. He requests one anytime there's produce in the vicinity.  

PS: One of Rad's hidden talents is sneaking things into the cart without my knowledge. He goes into stealth mode and takes full advantage of my OCD with getting everything onto the conveyor belt at checkout so that it all goes into the bag of the correct category (too much? never.) and quickly loads his secret loot between organizing sprees. Not this shopping trip but another...two cactus shaped shot glasses made their way to our home. They were returned. 

Badabing bada-big-baby. Rad found a head larger than his nogin. Cherish it he did. Sing to it...he also did.

Rhett comes home from kindergarten and of course we manage to fit in some real creative play...

^^^ He's an engineer. 

^^^Taking a selfie + a breather before we begin our sight word learning, homework doing, 15 minutes of reading time Ironman also known as kindergarten homework.

^^^ Rhett asked if we should make ducks faces to go along with our selfie celly shot. We did and you're welcome.

^^^ But let's talk about Beck and how at least he can say he comes by his resting grump face honestly because...Apple, meet your mother, Tree. 

We had promised the kids a "picnic party" (aka just a picnic to non-Miller children) once we got to the park the weather wasn't cooperating (see above) so we hit up the finest dining establishment with an indoor playground that we could find. (also...see above.)

^^^ Rad = straw ninja.

Part two: Conversations

On one bizarre night that I made a full blown meal and Jake was home:

Julia: Rhett please go upstairs and tell Dad dinner is ready.
Rhett: (not moving) JAKE!!!!!! Come get your food.

Losing our reign of power:

Rad: Dad!
Rad: Go room!
Rad: Now.


Rhett: (fake laughing) oh, RAD! Are you kidding me?!
Rhett: (still fake laughing) Are you? Are you kidding me, Rad?!
Rhett: (more fake laughing) Rad! Are you KIDDING ME?!
Rad: No!
Rhett: (done laughing) Okay.

And lastly confessions:

The mail? I love checking the mail. I'll check it eight seconds after the mailman has walked off the premises.

We have a nice community of mailboxes around the corner of our home for all the houses on our street and I always feel like I accomplish something mondo when I escape to get it. A brief power walk? Check. Fresh air for the baby? Check. (Beck's the only one I'm willing to share this particular ritual with. #favorite) Time for some deep, introspective thoughts? Check.

Beck and I starred our stroll and my deep thoughts wandered on to matters of children's clothing storage were abruptly interrupted by our very friendly hispanic neighbor who was also checking his mailbox as we were.

The pleasantries went as follows:

Neighbor: Holla!
Me: Ah! (Soooo lost in my thoughts and sooo very easily startled = bad combo)
Neighbor: Looks ever so slightly confused
Me: Oh!
Me: Yolo!!

Yolo? YOlo? Dude.

It doesn't even rhyme with holla.

Shame. So much shame. And to make it worse I just power walked away leaving it at that.

So in the off chance you're reading this neighbor of mine, my sincerest apologies.

I would judge me too.

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