Wednesday, October 21, 2015


Chirp, chirp. Is anyone out there?

Maybe just one or two.

That's good enough.

I know what the question of the hour is.

Where have the glory posts of yore been?

I'll give you the quick recap.

Last post ---> glued to   ---> Fall Break ---> flooded the master bath and bedroom ---> death of a hard drive  ---> the flood aftermath and chaos containment ---> colds.

And even right as of now I sit with a cough drop in my mouth*, debating whether or not I blog, nap, finish laundry, paint our closets, unload the dishwasher, or parent. Obv which one I picked.

Because blog! You poor neglected thing. Has it really been almost a month?

I admit, it was really nice to not have blogging on the table for a while. But now that I have less than 24 hours left of Fall Break**, I am clearly seeing the foreboding gap in my schedule. And so it's back to you, blog. It's always back to you.

But all in good time. When our hard drive crashed we were able to get salvage some of our pictures and videos onto an external hard drive, but we lost a lot in the process. It's breaking my heart knowing that some videos of the boys in their early munchkin state are lost forever. I've been printing pictures almost every month for the past few years and have them all in albums, PRAISE ALL THINGS GOOD, but here's my PSA for the year.

- Back it all up and back it up good.

- Back it up like a boss.

- Back it up like you Beyonce.

- Back it up.

Posts, updates, diatribes, potty training chronicles and such coming soon to a blog near you.

Ahh it feels to good to be back.

* and ** thanks to the main subject of this blog, the childrenz, this short post took almost 24 hours to complete. so the timeline is a little off but we're rolling with it.

As resident oldest child Rhett feels it is his right, duty, obligation, gift to the world to manipulate his brother's emotions. ^^^

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  1. Love your crazy, fun-filled blog, Julia!...Soak up, all you can with those boy's...You've heard it a million times...those years go by fast!

  2. Welcome back! With all the stuff you've been through, I'm surprised you only took a month off! Ha! Here's hoping this next month isn't as eventful!

  3. I haven't blogged regularly in a couple months. After posting at least four times a week for longer than I can believe. I'm in a lull. Tis the season of nesting/deep cleaning/three kids/new school year/two birthdays/brain overload/new puppy (stupid!!!!)/life/dinners/laundry. Maybe tomorrow. ;)

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