Friday, November 20, 2015

the flood

When I don't get a chance to blog for a few weeks that a sure fire sign life has entered into crazy once more. It's almost never the same crazy, and the crazy is never really gone, but sometimes it slams you and you're (read: I) am fumbling for a while as I try to get through it.

Usually I can manage the crazy pretty well. Everyday, seven days a week I try really freaking hard to think ahead and solve the problems before they happen. Like Rainman style, I'm counting which route requires the fewest steps thus increasing my efficiency. True story. I'm a real blast to be with. 

That being said, I'd like to share the story of, perhaps, one of my top 3 most mortifying Mom Moments yet and I really have no one but myself to blame. 




All this...?

My bad.

It  started out innocently enough. Rad needed a bath. I started one for him, went down stairs to get him and then totally forgot I left the tub running. After about half an hour Jake took Beck upstairs for his nap and found our new water feature. Usually this would send me into full scale chihuahua mode but I was like "hey, let's take pictures!" and Jake took over the chihuahua mode.

The boys were super excited about "the big ba-venture" in the bathroom. Rad's unwavering dedication to only drinking the highest quality water was and is still going strong.

Jake was totally justified is freaking out because the 2 inches of water in our master bath and half our bedroom because while the boys and I were frolicking, buckets of water were waterfalling (literally) into our garage leading to this...


 ...when we bought the house we replaced all the flooring except in these two rooms, the bathroom still had the nasty linoleum which is in no way water proof. All the water went right through the floor into  garage.


The major, epic silver lining to all this was that our insurance gave us a nice check to repair the damage. In order to stay in the budget we're doing all the labor and renovations ourselves. We like to call it #pimpmypotty.

Clearly we renovate in the lap of luxury.

I refuse to complain (too much) about this. We are super lucky that it wasn't worse and super lucky that our insurance was a total all star. But going to bed and waking up to see all this jazz is getting my OCD all funky. Our goal is to be done by Christmas aaaaaand we think it might be possible. 

Maybe Santa can throw in some volunteer some tiling hours. ;)

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  1. Oh wow. Way to find the silver lining....and play in the garden sprinkler of disaster :)

  2. I'm not laughing at you - I'm laughing with you (wait...are you laughing?)! Heck, I'm glad you found some fun in the moment, and I can totally relate to doing something like that!

  3. Oh dear Jesus. I freaked the eff out last week when it was announced by my eldest that the toilet was overflowing. I had to wade through a solid inch if toilet water to reach the shut off valve. Children were annoyed by the inconvenience when I was screaming for towels. It was disgusting and the entire time I was cleaning up the disaster my brain was saying, are you frickin kidding me right now?!?!?!?! Yours totally wins.

  4. I was going through old links and wanted to check in on you after your "Struggling" post was one I reread.
    Luckily, I had to laugh out loud at the awful flood. I mean, really. What else can you do but swim, take pictures and laugh, right? God knows, it could truly have been worse.
    Glad you're doing well and spirits are high.
    From a silent reader.


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