Friday, February 5, 2016


A quick peek at the running list on my phone of things to document on the blog showed me that a few things have fallen between the cracks. Which is totally not acceptable!!

First of all...

these babies reached 7 years of marriage at the end of December. They were so cute.

Oh wait, they are still cute. Wink. ;)

Anniversaries get recognized the way subsequent children do after the first. Each is precious, but sadly not as well documented as the first.

But it's not all doom and gloom on the anniversary front. We've had a great 7 years. We had three little boys in 4 1/2 years....sometimes I think we are/were certifiably loco. We have been poor...we have been "rich" (which, was still actually poor) we have had negative account balances, we have eaten lots of versions of ramen. Lots. We haven't done a lot of fancy stuff, but we really have a great time doing the little stuff together. That's one of the reasons I wanted to marry Jake, it's always a good time. It occurred to me recently that And it's probably somewhere on the loco train that we really would spend every day all day together. In the words of phoebe buffay, he is my lobster.

Happy anniversary Jakester. After all this time you are still magic to me. And I will still eat a lot of ramen with you. Happily. ;)

Anyway, aren't you glad I shared that love fest? Surely! You must be!

What else?

I entered my 31st year. I didn't have any nostalgia ridden adieu to leaving 30 because really...who cares. OK I care a little. Mostly I find it weird that I'm not 24 because I feel like that was literally 6 weeks ago max.

It wasn't my favorite birthday ever, because I am a high maintenance birthday gal. It's so buts, it's fully ridiculous. But true. I don't know what a birthday should look like when you're 31 with three kids but maybe by next year I'll figure it out. ;)

In the morning Rhett and I went for a hike and in the evening Jake and I went to look at model home (hey now...don't mock it till you try it!) and went to dinner.

My one and only birthday gift (God bless Jake...he tries really hard with my birthday but since it falls right after Christmas and our anniversary I know picking out yet another gift isn't easy) was from Tyrell and she NAILED it. Not much makes me happier than power tools and a LEAF BLOWER no less!! I've wanted one for so long. She would know...I borrow(ed) her's all the time.

And the biggest and best news award goes to this tiny guy,

who officially made me an aunt! 

Everyone say hi to Nathan, he's still relatively new around here. 

I don't know if I'm more thrilled that my sister had a boy, for cousin bonding purposes of course, or that watching my sister become a mom has been one of my favorite things I've shared with her.  

And for all the sake of all that is cute and even more ridiculously cute I'll leave you with this.

I mean we're looking at the beginning of the bros or something otherwise historic.

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  1. You should probably start hinting now for the big party to ring in 40. My birthday is 2 days before Christmas, so big celebrations were never really a thing. I threatened everyone (my husband and sister) with their lives, claiming I wasn't turning 40 without a party. I started hinting at about 37. And was 100% surprised to walk into a party this past December. It was awesome. And sort of like our's all a blur. I'm glad lots of pictures were taken. :) Happy 31st. You're still officially a baby.


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